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Brain-Controlled Drone Races

The malware was designed to make a slight change to code ofthe Access Alliance software installed at Bangladesh Bank, giving attackers the ability to modify a database that logged the bank’s activity over the SWIFT network//reuters United Nations figures have

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certain levels of complexity

Earth is the only place in the Universe known to harbor life. whence life, not how .. pre-life chemical reactions .. have given rise to a living system .. forms of life with variable origin processes .. have appeared Cosmic Garbage the method

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a better way to address harassment

some disturbing new trends have emerged in the world of social media Adventures in Twitter Censorship   “Earlier this week, an issue caused some Tweets to be delivered inconsistently across browsers and geographies. We’ve since resolved the issue though affected

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one post, to bind all no title drafts..

The point is we are called to do so much more than highlight the negatives. We must make up for the failings of ourselves and others with positive action. Einstieg in den Aufstieg Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: Help Dr. Vanessa

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A couple of Russian citizen journalists are on a journey to Iraq. Sergey Mukhamedov and Ilya Varlamov have taken an unofficial route, travelling across the country with only their wits as protection against trouble.//RT Positive feelings change the way our

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Mutoid Waste, all over the place

thus were fused the idealism of the hippie and the anarchic reaction of the punk; the Mutoid Waste Company was born the Mutoids were a collective of anarchic artists who would squat buildings around the Capital, installing bizarre works of

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Digital Drugs: hedonistic brainwave manipulation

“Kids around the country are getting high on the internet, thanks to MP3s that induce a state of ecstasy.”//wired:::2010 “I-Doser is a program that claims to use binaural sounds to induce a state similar to those produced when using certain

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wired at heart weird on top
Tears in Rain
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