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“They call him everything but CORRUPT.”

Pay  attention to facts on the ground Those fighting for environmental protection or indigenous rights in Brazil need our support and they need it now.   “His reckless plans to industrialize the Amazon in concert with Brazilian and international agribusiness and

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Epstein didn’t win the lottery.

It is one of those stories that even the wildest novelists can’t properly imagine.   “attempt to explain events or circumstances as the result of a group of actors working in secret to benefit themselves at the expense of others” and

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the current mainstream capitalist system is under existential threat

The democracy of riot squads, corrupt politicians, magnate-controlled newspapers and the surveillance state looks as phoney and fragile as East Germany did 30 years ago. By building business models and share valuations based on the capture and privatisation of all

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privately owned public spaces no longer possible to protest acceptable boundaries of activity monitor our behaviour confrontations with security confine your behaviour to a narrow range identification to access please do get in touch the final nightmare for society public

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system shock

It’s hard to remain sensitive to horror in an art world bored by its own obscenity needed to help capture the rhythms and intonation of a target’s speech patterns they lack reasoning skills … that’s different from how humans use

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16 Psyche

  textual description of how the future might unfold  takes you on a psychedelic journey into a retro-future dominated by artificial intelligence, rave culture and a near-constant paranoia surrounding the increasing stranglehold of megatech corporations on society A major tool

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Better Digital Future is Possible

the survival of Western Civilization and pride in Western heritage social welfare policies and tolerance of diverse opinion organize public education campaigns and form alliances with unions and social movements  purposes and objectives are understood exclusively in business terms violent

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Tears in Rain
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