Better Digital Future is Possible


the survival of Western Civilization and pride in Western heritage

social welfare policies and tolerance of diverse opinion

organize public education campaigns and form alliances with unions and social movements 

purposes and objectives are understood exclusively in business terms

violent protest alienates the general public and depresses support for the protestors’ political views and policies

the left is violent and unhinged


profiles of those who are attracted to extremist views


to prevent more casualties 


markets and finance are engineered social systems that can be used to promote  freedom  or undermine it

to suppress the workers’ movement and defend industrial capital

individuals dreamed that it was forbidden to dream

the right of the 1% billionaire class to take everything for their own personal property

be grateful for their contributions in that regard

the capitalist establishment’s response to a fear of movements to improve workers’ conditions, and the threat to corporate profits

physically preventing members of far-right groups from expressing their views is counter-productive



human being

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