the future is ours: ‘Do something. Interrupt the connection. Disconnect him.’

Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but your blog is different. Keep it like this.//Julietta Segal

Using the tools of corporations to reprogram global society and distribute a new cultural operating system

The financial elite engineered a massive transfer of assets over the last decades, and they are now completing the procedure of creating a two-tier society resembling a serfdom…The ruling elite employ teams of experts in social psychology and neuro-linguistic programming, trained in places like the Tavistock Institute, in order to keep the multitudes from recognizing their own interests in a movement of unified defiance…As civil society recognizes its self-interest in creating a peaceful and regenerative culture, the movement will include direct challenges to corporate practices that create unnecessary waste and toxic trash….In this final phase of post-industrial capitalism, when immaterial production has become the main driver of economic life, the corporate form can be transmuted from poison to medicine, repurposed to transform society, from the culture of ruin to one of regeneration….The next surprising yet logical phase in this dance is for the opposition to define the desired alternative, co-opt the propaganda tools and financial instruments of the dominant culture, and redirect or reverse the momentum of the system as a whole…//Business Shamanism::Reality Sandwich

Demand the truth.

Secrecy is routinely posited as a critical component for effective governance, a premise that’s so widely accepted that even some journalists, whose job is to reveal the secret workings of governments, have declared WikiLeaks’ efforts to be out of bounds.//wired

Assange wrote that illegitimate governance was by definition conspiratorial—the product of functionaries in “collaborative secrecy, working to the detriment of a population.” He argued that, when a regime’s lines of internal communication are disrupted, the information flow among conspirators must dwindle, and that, as the flow approaches zero, the conspiracy dissolves. Leaks were an instrument of information warfare.//infoproc

'In the race between secrecy and truth, it seems inevitable that truth will always win.'//Rupert Murdoch

Meeting ‘Coldblood’, a member of the Anonymous community

It sounds like science fiction – Dr. Siegfried Hekimi and his student Dr Wen Yang, researchers at McGill’s Department of Biology, tested the current “free radical theory of aging” by creating mutant worms that had increased production of free radicals, predicting they would be short-lived. But they lived even longer than regular worms!//medical_news_today


Die Festnahme des WikiLeaks-Gründers Julian Assange zeugt laut dem russischen Regierungschef Wladimir Putin von Demokratie-Defiziten.//RIA_Novosti

Diplomatie ist eine alte Profession, vielleicht die zweitälteste der Welt. Sie wird diese Krise überleben, und deutliche Worte werden weiter in die Heimatländer gekabelt werden – allerdings unter strengeren Sicherheitsvorkehrungen als bisher.//taz

“Unabhängig davon, was man von Wikileaks oder Julian Assange hält, hoffen wir, dass sich die Regierung zu grundsätzlichen Prinzipien bekennt”//stern

Was vor uns liegt ist ein gigantisches Projekt. Wir werden es gemeinsam angehen und wir werden mit Sicherheit keine Zeit für Helden haben.//Markus_Fuchs::3sat_neues

Die Wau Holland Stiftung wird auch in Zukunft Projekte und Aktionen, die ihren Stiftungszielen entsprechen, fördern. Dazu gehören neben der Aktion gegen Wahlcomputer, die Unterstützung der Anonymisierungsplattform TOR und anderen auch Projekte wie Wikileaks.//wauland

If anything, the current debacle demonstrates just how tightly controlled the net remains in its current form, as well as just what would have to be done to create the sort of peer-to-peer network capable of upending corporate and government power over mass communication and society itself.//Douglas_Rushkoff

“The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops.”


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