Exposed Criminal Whalers

“Just because it says ‘classified’ doesn’t mean you can’ find it any more.”


The Lone Gunmen were a trio of computer hackers named Langly, Byers, and Frohike. They got their name from one of the reputed JFK theories that it was a “lone gunman” who shot JFK. The LGM were conspiracy theorists and notoriously paranoid (and for good reasons!). They were experienced hackers who often helped Mulder and Scully on cases.//JediHobbit::LGM

They were well versed in conspiracy theory, were anti big brother, and computer hacking geniuses who opposed opression and sought to expose government corruption.//RobotCrypt

The X-Files spinoff shows a government plan to remote-control a plane to crash into The World Trade Center and trigger war just like Pentagon‘s Operation Northwoods.//PP

“Astonishingly similar to the actual arguments made about 9/11 by “conspiracy theorists”, the episode’s plot indicates that the hijacking was committed as an act of voracity by a greedy American arms manufacturer to ultimately increase its weapons sales by invoking U.S. retaliation against a scapegoated anti-American extremist dictator.”//wiki

They’re going to crash it into the World Trade Center.

The plane barely misses the skyscraper.

When Spotnitz awoke on the morning of September 11 and saw footage of the attacks on television, his first thought was that he hoped The Lone Gunmen‘s production crew had not been guilty of unknowingly inspiring the attacks with this episode.//xfiles-wikia

Their response was skeptical. But not enough to persuade their storyteller, who remained convinced of its authenticity.

What is the Lone Gunman Theory?

10 Ways to Boost Immune Health

Linguistic relativity is the idea that language differences alone can affect how we perceive world experiences and thus can cause us to behave differently.

“These thoughts alone could spark a hundred ideas just waiting to be words on your canvas.”


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