the oldest cyanobacteria-like fossils known are nearly 3.5 billion years old

A research team has for the first time discovered DNA from living bacteria that are more than half a million years old. Never before have traces of still living organisms that old been found.

“There is better and better evidence that these organisms can somehow survive for these amazing amounts of time,” and then repopulate in the planet’s vast saltwater basins whenever conditions allow

Bacteria Can Control the Weather

Emerging research shows that bacteria have powers to engineer the environment, to communicate and to affect human well-being. They may even think.//Miller-McCune:::: In fact, most of the life on the planet is probably composed of bacteria.

Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human. They are bacterial. From the invisible strands of fungi waiting to sprout between our toes, to the kilogram of bacterial matter in our guts, we are best viewed as walking “superorganisms,” highly complex conglomerations of human cells, bacteria, fungi and viruses.//Brainsturbator

Mazlan Othman, Director of the United Nations’ Office for Outer Space Affairs, reasoned publicly that, if it became necessary for the human race to engage in diplomatic talks with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, her office would be the most logical candidate for the job.//technorati

Exopolitics: Foreign affairs with alien races

Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms that are prokaryotes: organisms whose genetic material is not contained within a nucleus. Other defining features of bacteria are that they have only a single organelle (the ribosome) and reproduce asexually through a simple cell-splitting called binary fission. Millions of species of bacteria exist. Bacteria are metabolically far more diverse than plants or animals.//prenhall

Bacteria have the ability to colonize an unfriendly planet like the Hadean Earth. Not just had the ability but have the ability.//panspermia

Some astrobiologists believe that the seeds for life on Earth actually began elsewhere in the galaxy and microbes were carried here on an icy asteroid or comet that collided with our planet.

“There is now unambiguous evidence for the presence of clumps of living cells in air samples from as high as 41 kilometres, well above the local tropopause (16 km), above which no air from lower down would normally be transported.”//scienceagogo

Oxygen was only released into the atmosphere when “blue-green bacteria” evolved a way to use energy from sunlight to break apart water molecules to grab their precious hydrogen//subrealism


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