Be open to new developments and tools that come your way to assist you in your goals.

Mit offenen Karten : 10 min Wissens-Pralinées

SuperConductor® does things that no other computer program has ever done. The music SuperConductor generates must be heard to be believed. The music it makes is so beautiful and so passionate people can’t believe it wasn’t played by living, breathing musicians.

Rucker and Sterling’s new story: “Goodnight Moon” on

Three R’s for living to 100: Resolution, Resourcefulness and Resilience (



How to Promote Resourcefulness In Yourself and Others





“But if you harm someone else, then your own soul is harmed by that very action; it becomes warped and out of balance….Plato wasn’t the only one with this insight. The Buddhists say that harboring anger at someone is like drinking poison and hoping that the person you are angry at will die. It is self-defeating and stupid. It is not something a thoughtful and wise person would do.”//PfRL

Pattern recognition

“On the other hand, others believe that it is humans who will evolve into advanced “robots”. Their belief is that with futuristc technologies being developed in multiple fields, human intelligence may eventually be able to “escape its ensnarement in biological tissue” and be able to move freely across boundaries that can’t support flesh and blood—while still retaining our identities.”//Daily Galaxy

The Taser XREP Projectile

hallo lieber felix,


Fassen Sie Vertrauen in Ihre Fähigkeit, Probleme in Ordnung zu bringen, Ängste zu beseitigen und Wünsche zu erfüllen.


human being

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