if I mind

“Of course, giving machines the authority to serve as proactive human coprocessors, and allowing them to capture our attention with their computed priorities, has to be considered carefully, as anyone who has lost hours due to interruption by a slew of social-network updates or search-engine alerts can attest.”//technology review::brain coprocessors

“It may be that women want sex for intimacy outside fertile periods, while they’re motivated by looks when ovulating”//livescience

“There is genetic evidence that selfless or altruistic behaviour may have evolved because it was one of the qualities our ancestors looked for in a mate.”//science daily

“Rather, if you really want to know about a person’s hidden sexual desires, then find out what’s on his or her mind’s eye during the deepest throes of masturbation.”//scientific american

“Aside from putting a damper on an otherwise enjoyable act, being eaten alive while copulating would seem rather counterintuitive from an evolutionary perspective. But when biologists looked more closely at this spidery sex, they noticed that males that are cannibalized copulate longer and fertilize more eggs than males that are not cannibalized; and the more cannabilistic a female redback spider is, it turns out, the more desirable she is to males, even rejecting more male suitors.”//scientific american

“I think studies like ours can motivate people to be more aware of the irrationality often present in their own judgments and, we hope, to become more rational.”//physorg

Your assignment: Decide what you want to become, and start pretending to be that thing. Or else: Be careful what you’re unconsciously pretending to be, because you just might become it.//free will astrology


human being

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