You are talented in many ways.

Briefly, Technocracy is a science applied to the social order.

Corporations are not Persons and Money is not Speech
Stop the Corporate Takeover of our Society

This is a sub-heading that gives the impression I am about to add useful context.

Metaman can be seen as a development that directs humanity’s will to its own ends, whether it likes it or not, through the operation of market forces.

….will become the GenRich humans and the Natural humans – entirely separate species with no ability to cross-breed and with as much romantic interest in each other as a current human would have for a chimpanzee compiled a list of 12 work-relevant characteristics of online life. These are the post-bureaucratic realities that tomorrow’s employees will use as yardsticks in determining whether your company is “with it” or “past it.”

Thoughts on the Global Marshall Plan

All Connected Now: Life in the First Global Civilization

Man no longer treads lightly upon the earth – and is increasingly aware of his environmental impacts – and of the environmental interconnections of the globe and all its life systems.


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