Good sense is the master of human life.

“It’s well known but rarely discussed that the world’s five major religions teach another fundamental truth abut the human condition…that we spend our lives mostly in a dreamlike state—lost in our thoughts, so lost in our thoughts that we are cut off from the sensation of our bodies and full awareness of the real world.”//Jeff Zaleski

"Beware the fatal squeeze
			of enhanced mechanics". 

Henry W. Targowski


The stars look lovely
these borrowed eyes.

we passed in hyperspace
no time
to notice

caffeine warriors
burning endlessly
behind the dark screen


“Take whatever is thrown at you and build upon it. “Yes … and” rather than “No … but.” “The idiot is bound by his pride,” he says. “It always has to be his way. This is also true of the person who is deceptive or doing things wrong: he always tries to justify himself. A person who is bright in regard to his spiritual life is humble. He accepts what others tell him—criticism, ideas—and he works with them.” //Vanity Fair


Web Economy Bullshit Generator

most people do not acknowledge the massive corporate rebellion which took place

“People create what looks to be a nifty machine, a robot, called the corporation. Over time the robots get together and overpower the people. They redesign themselves and reconstruct law and culture so that people don’t remember they created the robots in the first place, that the robots are machines, are not alive….

Why do we hang on to the hope that the corporation can be made socially responsible? Isn’t this an absurd notion? After all, organizations cannot be responsible. This is just not a relevant concept, because a principal purpose of corporations is to protect the managers and directors who run them from responsibility for their decisions….

Sovereign people INSTRUCT subordinate entities. Sovereign people DEFINE all entities we create. And when a subordinate entity violates the terms of its creation, and undermines our ability to govern ourselves, we are required to move in swiftly and accountably to cut this cancer out of the body politic.”//Richard Grossman


human being

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