Mutoid Waste, all over the place

thus were fused the idealism of the hippie and the anarchic reaction of the punk; the Mutoid Waste Company was born

the Mutoids were a collective of anarchic artists who would squat buildings around the Capital, installing bizarre works of art, sculptures crafted out of junk, replicas of Stonehenge made from cars, and throwing insane, underground parties on site

gatherings of like-minded, free thinking individuals taking the initiative and doing it for themselves

inspiring those disillusioned with the prevalent consumerist ethos to escape the constrictions of society and live their lives

The Mutoid Waste Company are amongst the most important and influential counter culture movements ever created. Still alive and kicking after 25 years



In 2008, Mutate Britain came to life

Today Mutoid Waste Co. are still going strong with different factions operating in places as far-flung as the Australian Outback, Southern Italy and Japan.

“Mutate Or Die”

Mutate and Survive

RomanyWG –photographer


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