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An Attempt to Generalize AI

A series of quantum experiments shows that measurements performed in the future can influence the present.//discover

It is important for those living in the industrial world to develop an appreciation for cultures that are sustainable, to learn to see beauty and survival in a world where people walk, live in daily contact with animals, raise their own food, pray, and live in families. Such people have as much to teach us as we have to teach them.//Luke Powell::Photographs::Afghanistan

According to the Annual Financial Report released by the office of the Prime Minister today, Somalia’s budget in the fiscal year 2009 was just over $11 million.//foreignpolicy

The first step to better times is to imagine them.

the contemporary patriarch

Haiku Quest – an RPG featuring haiku poetry and Christopher Walken

Tribulus terrestris

There is such a thing as truth. Non-relative, unassailable, valuable truth. Do not let people relativise the concept of truth into vapour.//Warren Ellis


human being

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