To be stored or not

“Consider a future device for individual use, which is a sort of mechanized private file and library. It needs a name, and to coin one at random, “memex” will do. A memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.”Vannevar Bush

Lifelogging – recording every single minute of your life – is quickly moving from science fiction fantasy to real life phenomenon.//singularityHub was created to help people build a rich profile of information that preserves their essential, unique qualities for future generations and family members.//Terasem Movement

Through this web-based interface anyone worldwide with an internet connection can create a “mindfile” free of charge.//sens

Cherry of Spectrum Magazine reports on Microsoft’s MYLIFEBITS project.//LoE-radio


“Forscher arbeiten an einem Aufzeichnungs- und Speicher-System, das alles Erlebte, alle Kommunikation, aber auch Dokumente, Bilder, Videos und medizinische Werte automatisch aufzeichnet und in einem durchsuchbaren Archiv bereithält.”//spektrum der wissenschaft(2007)

MylifeBits is a lifetime store of everything.

“The project took seed in the late ’90s when Bell decided to scan all of his books, articles, clippings and memos into a digital format. All of his paper records would be transformed.”///”I believe this is the quest for what a personal computer really is,” Bell told Computerworld. “It’s to capture one’s entire life. A personal computer wouldn’t be a machine that just sits on my desk. It’s a repository. I think of the system as a personal memory. I feel immensely free by having all the information there.”

“One goal for the early lifeloggers is to track and optimize performance, from the bottom line to the waistline. Bell, who has undergone two heart bypass operations, has analyzed his own data to draw correlations between his diet, exercise, and symptoms of angina—and to fine-tune his regime. “//businessweek

“More of us are uploading information on our lives, creating a rudimentary online memory without thinking. Bell argues that it is better to manage your own digital member, warning that the web may never forget – as the human mind can.”//Channel4

“Basically, it was saying, ‘Dear Appy, How committed are you? Signed, Lost Data.’ Data can be lost in a disk, in a system, it can be lost in a standard somewhere. That’s still a massive problem. If you look at all the problems that we can think about in the decade, ten, fifty, a hundred years, that’s by far No. 1. The one that bugs me more than anything else is that.”//Gordon Bell @ New Yorker


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