“‘Don’t you remember we partied together at Black Hat?'”


Robin Sage is the final phase of special forces training before becoming a Green Beret

The Robin Sage experiment was conducted by Thomas Ryan, the co-founder and Managing Partner of Cyber Operations and Threat Intelligence for Provide Security

‘Hey did you get a friend request from Robin Sage?’ … and [friends] were saying, ‘I thought you knew her.’

The experiment was conducted by creating a blatantly false identity and enrolling on various social networking websites. By joining networks, registering on mailing lists, and listing false credentials, the conditions were then set to research people’s decisions to trust and share information with the false identity.

“Sorry to say, I’m not a Green Beret! Just a cute girl stopping by to say hey!”

She was a hot 25-year-old with an MIT degree, a résumé that included a job at the Naval Network Warfare Command, and “over 10 years” of hacking experience (she started at age 14.) She was active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, and soon had hundreds of friends from the U.S. military, the intelligence community, and security contractor firms.

Many of her new online friends shared personal and professional information and photos, which Ryan claims could have compromised corporate and possibly even national security.

To be fair, while Sage made a large number of connections, the FBI and CIA did not appear to be fooled.

“Didn’t matter if I was busted….still got your info :)”


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