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“The first truth is that capitalism is a terribly abusive and destructive system, which we would be better off without. The second truth is that if we organize and push for a better world, we might win. So the time for complacency is over, and the time for taking bolder steps toward our dreams is here.”//Dissident Voice

“…a place—now a planet—where a proportionally shrinking body of laborers is ever more heavily exploited to ensure a rate of profit that nevertheless continually declines. Our political demand should be for the opposite arrangement: a larger mass of labor more lightly exploited. “//Benjamin Kunkel//n+1

“But what would become of mass production and its system of financial expansion if technical perfection, durability, social efficiency, and human satisfaction. The very condition for current financial success — constantly expanding production and replacement — works against these ends. To ensure the rapid absorption of its immense productivity, megatechnics resorts to a score of different devices: consumer credit, installment buying, multiple packaging, non-functional designs, meretricious novelties, shoddy materials, defective workmanship, built-in fragility, or forced obsolescence through frequent arbitrary changes of fashion. Without constant enticement and inveiglement by advertising, production would slow down and level off to normal replacement demand. Otherwise many products could reach a plateau of efficient design which would call for only minimal changes from year to year.”///Lewis Mumford:::::

“The Beam shows us the same sprawling, enormous “now” that we see on the Web but shows us the past and future, too. Wisdom requires grasping the past: its tidal rhythms, its implications for us today. Only by grasping the past can we understand the present and make good guesses about the future. The Beam specializes in helping us grasp time and the past, and where we are–and where we are headed.”//David Gelernter

“We have the resources. We have the technology. All we need is the power to change these priorities. Every day, people all over the world work towards gaining this power.”//Alex Knight

“Demokratie ist eben nicht „Ich will haben”, sondern handelt von der Kunst des Delegierens und Vertrauens. Man traut den Gewählten für eine gewisse Zeit die Fähigkeit zu, eine Sprache für komplexe Probleme zu finden, die wir gemeinsam lösen müssen. Zur Politik gehört die Emanzipation des Bürgers.”//Matthias Horx///future-blog

“To repeat: Democracy means participating, meaningfully, in the process of shaping the decisions, including those of life and death (shall there be war or peace?), and those in the workplace, in the classroom, and in the neighborhood, which determine the fabric and substance of our lives. Everyone must be involved and everyone must be responsible.”//DWBartoo


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