No one can walk backwards into the future.

You will have more insight and motivation than usual if you formulate long-term plans to create abundance for yourself.

  • Scientists at the Sage Colleges of Troy, N.Y., have discovered that exposure to certain kinds of soil bacteria can reduce anxiety and increase learning capabilities when ingested or inhaled, reports Hippies everywhere can rejoice: dirt may actually make you smarter.//mnn::mother nature network

    We are a collective of creatives, causes and events. Bringing our talents and gifts to stop the forces of greed.///

    How to Increase Empathy

    But then, failure to implement proper safety procedures has saved BP, not millions but billions of dollars, suggests that the company’s pig is indeed, very, very smart.

    “Notice and Takedown Code”

    The Singularity of Ray Kurzweil:

    So that is the nature of being human: to go beyond our limitations.

    Der Film DIE 4. REVOLUTION – ENERGY AUTONOMY ist ein kraftvolles Plädoyer für den sofortigen Umstieg auf erneuerbare Energien.

  • Jede dieser Ideen wird unseren Alltag bestimmen, wenn sie erst einmal Wirklichkeit ist. Und dann werden wir uns fragen: Warum sind wir nicht schon früher darauf gekommen?

    Don’t wait for others to start then you will follow instead start today and be an inspiration to others.

    We witness moments of struggle, support, and hope as what is revealed, with startling clarity, is that diet can reverse disease and change lives.

    Those are pretty wonky findings, a first step in a complex field. But they back today’s health advice that even brief bouts of activity are good.

    Mind Hacks is a rewarding mind trip, one that stretches the boundaries of what we know

    A breakthrough cure for Ebola


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