Out of your head: Leaving the body behind


Mac Tonnies makes the internet more strange


Just an indescribable loss

Mac Tonnies was 34.

Mac Tonnies was found in his apartment on October 22, 2009, what a tremendous loss.

by Mac Tonnies

Mac wurde am letzen Donnerstag tot in seiner Wohnung aufgefunden. Er starb anscheinend eines natürlichen Todes.//kp

Ich vermisse dich schon heute


Fearless Futurist Mac Tonnies Goes Off On Mars

The prodigious blogger was a fixture of the online esoteric community

a rising intellectual presence in Fortean thought

Mac was a great thinker and a thoughtful individual. He was a person with much to say and who had the skills to say it, too.

Whip-smart young Fortean surrealist dudes are too thin on the ground to begin with.

Daves bus. cards

Mac appreciates thought-provoking literature, weird and/or subversive ideas, and bleeding-edge art and science.

Mac was a thoroughly decent and sensitive guy, and an unflinching contrarian thinker

some degree of comfort that such a person existed


We’ve blundered into an existential interzone of instantaneous wireless communication, blogs, Mars probes, big-box stores, freak weather, artificial life, and high-tech warfare. Whatever emerges from this will be something significantly new, maybe even ‘postsingular’. Ultimately, I wonder if we really want free will. Is it worth the effort? Considering how accustomed we’ve become to a numbed, automated existence, the phenomenon of consciousness could be on the brink of fading out or becoming vestigial.//MT

Mac suggested that UFO sightings are the visible incursion into our universe of intelligences that inhabit an existence of pure information–what I call the “symbolic realm”–a non-space and time bound dimension. This would explain the strange nature of many encounters and our seemingly futile efforts to comprehend them.//radiomisterioso


We boldly speculate about the potential of mind-uploading and the promise of designer bodies. We plunge forever deeper in to the resplendent weave of our own genome, shuffling molecules with Frankensteinian resolve. The Grays might be projections from our own future: imaginal constructs so heavily freighted with our own unresolved anxieties that they’ve become effectively palpable.//MT


Ultimately, we have two options: self-mutate by venturing off-planet in minds and bodies of our own design, or succumb to extinction.

Mac’s light, which burned brightly, but for far too short a time, will never go out.

There is no reason my self-pattern cannot be synthesized, reconstituted, modified, relayed through space in the form of modulated radio waves or laser pulses, hacked, distributed as freeware to denizens of some future Internet, or uploaded to artificial bodies that may or may not resemble my present meatware incarnation. Electronic communications activists proclaim that “information wants to be free.” So do I. I speak from experience.//MT


For long hours she immersed herself in the sheer amniotic newness of her body, aware of its patient coagulation, its inexorable stiffening into something that, ultimately, would serve her in her new life. The gloved hands of the biotechnicians slowly receded and she found herself in succulent darkness, a creature of transition.//MT



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