PvP: Interplay/Bethesda to screw up massively multiple?

A post-apocalyptic paradise awaits.


When Interplay sold Fallout to Bethesda, they kept the rights to create an MMO based on the property.//destructoid


Project V13 is the codename for an unannounced post-apocalyptic Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game being developed by Interplay and Masthead Studios.//FO-wikia


Bethesda has sued Interplay over breach of contract since they claim Interplay failed to produce a Fallout MMO within the set amount of time that they agreed to.//destructoid

For its part, Bethesda seeks to cancel the Trademark License Agreement, which conditionally allows Interplay to use the FALLOUT ® brand in conjunction with its currently-in-production massively multiplayer online game.//NMA


The crux of the issue seems to be that Bethesda is upset that Interplay started selling the original Fallout games after Fallout 3 was released. Interplay asserts that it retained those rights when it licensed out the future Fallout games to Bethesda.//gamepolitics

Joystiq-Report: Interplay countersues Bethesda over Fallout rights





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