“She’s a toaster,” says Spears. “You fuck one mecha, you’ve fucked them all. And they all taste like toast.”



The orgy scene was my favorite because I hadn’t had sex in awhile, so I was super horny and ready to get off! I squirted three times and it was the first time I had ever squirted on camera, it was a milestone fore me.//aipdaily



Silikonpropere Lustfetischpuppen die wiederholt “oh, yeah” ausrufen, während sie die vermuteten Fantasien der Klientel ausagieren, mit Chemie auf Leistung getrimmten Darstellern, nimmermüde Variationen des Ficken und Geficktwerdens objektivierend. Einiges hat sich geändert im Geschäft “der direkten Darstellung der menschlichen Sexualität oder des Sexualakts mit dem Ziel, den Betrachter sexuell zu erregen” im Jahre 2040


Government regulation and an increase in not only the number of case but types of sexually transmitted diseases has changed the adult entertainment landscape.  The few studios that are still in business are huge corporations and the majority of performers have been replaced by sex droids, the logical progression of Real Dolls.  //amt


Into this world comes the MRA-5 affectionately known as Mira, the prototype anabot. She is brought on-set to do a scene with a human named Ryan  as a replacement for another android that has malfunctioned.//wicked

…and somewhere during the scene something happens –  she begins to “feel” – she’s more real than anyone could have ever imagined. There is an immediate chemistry/attraction between the two, and they are instantly bound by what will turn out to be a forbidden love. But before long, it appears there’s a “ghost in the machine.” Mira’s programming seems to have a flaw in it…and only time will tell just how close to human she really is!//wicked

This leggy and beautiful fuck machine is so human-like that it could take over the market. “The most perfect creature I’ve ever created,” Lanning says. The trouble is Caldwell believes Lanning committed corporate espionage by building the super droid and he wants his property back. Violence ensues and so does romance.//AVN


Alexis did pretty good here not moving but you see a few flitters of her eyelashes as Randy starts cumming down her face.//bushdvd


But what do you believe the state of adult filmmaking will be in the year 2040? Starting next week, as part of the movie’s official roll-out, Wicked is asking you – in 140 characters or less – to envision what form you think erotica will take some 31 years in the future. Define it as vividly as you can in the space allowed, and please follow this one requirement – you MUST mention the year 2040 in your answer.

Your response can be transmitted in one of several ways. You may simply post your vision to one of Wicked Pictures’ official social media pages, including www.twitter.com/WICKED_PICTURESwww.myspace.com/WickedPictures or www.twitter.com/HouseOfWicked. (If posting to either Twitter page, incorporate the title as #2040 in your response.)//wicked

Wicked Pictures produces quality erotica for couples while staying true to its vision and status as the only major adult studio producing condoms-only content.


human being

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One comment on ““She’s a toaster,” says Spears. “You fuck one mecha, you’ve fucked them all. And they all taste like toast.”
  1. Inception (2010)…

    Ich finde ihren Artikel sehr informativ…

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