„Ich weiß, was ich sagen will, aber mir fehlt das Wort!“



“Der Ertrag bei erfassten und bezahlten illegalen Downloads ist das 150-fache! Das bedeutet: Wenn 1.250 Rechtsverletzer erfasst werden, die zahlen, müssten zur Erwirtschaftung des entsprechenden Ertrages 150.000 Downloads legal verkauft werden.”//gulli


“Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it.”


“It isn’t just things that dazzle the eye but also that recall to the mind the face and spirit of a loved one.”


What’s Bugging You?


“He made it clear that the real reason the Americans want to extradite him is not for any damage he has done, for in fact there wasn’t any. They are pursuing him is because of what he might have seen. Specifically, documents revealing a list of “Non-terrestrial officers” and off-world cargo operations somewhere out in space, hinting at the real possibility of military activities taking place in relation to other planets.

Such a possibility has got to be mind-blowing to the average person who barely grasps that there might actually be aliens from other worlds interacting with earth and governments in the vicinity of our solar system. Key to the whole extradition matter is the issue that there were NO passwords required in order to access this material… and that a relatively unprofessional hacker, self-taught albeit brilliant, would be able, using a dial-up modem, to gain top secret access to NASA files and places as sacrosanct as the Pentagon.”//Project Camelot


don’t steal my code, n00b


“There ain’t no rules around here.  We’re trying to accomplish something.”


The critical element must be the use of skill in some shape or form.

paranoia 1.0

“It’s a question of freedom of speech, something that has stood up for the last couple hundred years, and I think the Internet should definitely continue the tradition.”


Through this, a collective desire for some form of rupture within art has come to constitute an economy of precious theoretical objects all its own — judged and appraised by their capacity to symbolically dismantle the current regime.


On Bikini you can sail across the massive crater carved into the reef by a hydrogen bomb and dive to a fleet of famous ships sunk by nuclear weapons.//the bulletin


Rohrer is trying to make art in a medium that most people don’t even think is capable of art. He can create this space of pure freedom, as artists have done in the past — isolation, introspection, ascetic poverty. But ultimately he has to send these works out into the world, and people have to respond to them. And right now the audience doesn’t know what to do with them.//Esquire: Jason Rohrer : The Video-Game Programmer Saving Our 21st-Century Souls

Almost two acres of rainforest disappear every second of every day


human being

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