aɪpə(r) rəʊbət


The prophets of misery and robotism too often focus their sights on the cocktail party instead of the school. They describe the life of past generations in nostalgic terms, but do not really compare the lives of average housewives or factory workers today with the lives of their grandparents and with the drudgery, ignorance and poverty that characterized and blackened the past. — Victor Cohn, 1956//paleofuture


A propensity to entertain the impossible is a gift that not all understand nor share. In some ways it is the opposite of practicality, yet the shape of our civilization is often exploded by the marginals, the freaks, the shamans, the crackpot inventors, the far-fetched. That anything out of the ordinary can be given a life of its own is a simple miracle in these homogenized times, its value understated.//jackmagazine


There’s some new competition at this year’s Robo-One tournament: A warrior robot controlled by its thought. The bot is operated by Taku Ichikawa, who controls the robot through a set of electrodes applied to his head that measure his neural activity.//botropolis


Cut off from the wisdom of the past and too rushed to consider the consequences of our actions, we are caught up in a culture of sensationalism and transience in which the very definitions of personal identity and democracy are being transformed.//greenwood


Why are Japanese so comfortable around robots? What is the larger social and cultural significance of Japan’s love of robots?//jai2

The Karakuri tradition continues to influence the Japanese view of robots. The history of the Karakuri Ningyo highlights how anthropomorphic views of robots differ between the East and West. Central to the Karakuri philosophy is concealment of technology, to evoke feelings and emotions, and a sense of hidden inner magic. This trend can be traced to contrasting Eastern and Western marionette traditions. In the West marionettes have traditionally been strung and operated from above with the operator preferably obscured from the audience during the performance. Eastern marionettes tend to be strung and operated from beneath.//karakuri


Robotopia is a place where no one works, yet everyone on the planet eats what he or she wants, lives in spacious, modern homes wired with the latest high-tech gadgets, and the closets are gorged with expensive-looking, latest rage theads. No one works for pay, yet everything is free. Obligatory, worldwide welfare is the law of the planet. Robots do all the work, grow the food, manufacture endless varieties of flawless consumer goods and deliver to homes all over the globe, and even in outer space, absolutely free.//cyberlewis


RA, the Robotic Agent, establishes the driver’s frame of mind by monitoring facial expressions and voice patterns. Armed with that information, RA interacts with the driver using speech and gestures to help encourage him/her into a more positive mental state. Research shows that a happy driver is a safer driver. In other words, being in a positive frame of mind can help reduce accidents.//nissan


In October, a small team of Silicon Valley researchers plans to turn software originally designed to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life to the task of looking for evidence of artificial life generated on a cluster of high-performance computers.//nyt


human being

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