Dr. Adder and Mr. Carroll in between lines

North Koreans are obligated to install speakers in their homes to listen to broadcasts on policy of the ruling Workers’ Party and its propaganda//foxnews


Teddy sniffing glue, he was 12 years old

Fell from the roof on East Two-nine


Symbiosis Gathering 2009


There, on the Interface between LA and Oakland, surgeon Dr Adder pursues his vocation, creating amputee whores to cater for the innermost secret desires of men.

Dr. Adder is the virtual lord of future L. A. He is a street doctor who
probes the mind of his patients to discover their innermost desires and
then modifies their bodies to enable them to achieve what they most
deeply want. Many of these modifications involve amputations, but the
whores and thrill seekers who come to Adder have no complaints. ///plaidworks

Dr. Adder plies his trade on the hookers of "The Interface", 
reaching into their subconscious and turning their most secret dreams of the flesh into reality. 

Journal Broadcasting announced July 22, 2009
 that KCID, along with sister station KGEM 1140AM, will be sold to a Catholic radio group. //wiki



Though the wave of selling by insiders doesn’t necessarily predict a pullback in their stocks or the market as a whole, it’s hard to put a happy spin on the recent trends. “The disparity between buyers and sellers right now is vast,” said Silverman. “That’s the beauty of following insider trading — these guys are talking with their checkbooks.”//cnn

Welfare States become self perpetuating. In fact, the officials of a Welfare State, perceiving that their jobs require a supply of “clients” needing State aid, eventually become adept at making sure that there are always people in need. To do this, they either adopt policies that promote poverty and dependence, or stretch existing classifications to bring more “clients” into the Welfare system.//Jerry Pournelle

There appears to be genuine concern over the way in which covert projects involving extraterrestrial related information is being run and the role played by corporations in controlling this.//exopolitics

Ironically, Big Pharma’s attempt to dominate the central nervous system has ended up revealing how powerful the brain really is. The placebo response doesn’t care if the catalyst for healing is a triumph of pharmacology, a compassionate therapist, or a syringe of salt water. All it requires is a reasonable expectation of getting better. That’s potent medicine.//wired


“Every so often, when I’m on the site, I just get overwhelmed by the quantity of features it offers and can’t figure out how to do something simple such as post a photo.”//technologizer

Christopher Conte :::: Bronze_Half_X-Ray2

We are not forcing a way of live on anyone. We do not ask you to shave your heads. We do not ask you to give up meat. We don’t ask you to worship a leader. We don’t care what kind of music you listen to. We do ask that you are willing to hear, to learn, to see what is happening around you. We ask that you voice yourself and be brave enough to act when push comes to shove. We are not violent by nature, we believe that people have the right to know what is going on. When you deprive us of that right, then we sink underground. A place where we are hidden, able to spring up and say what we have to say. We are not radicals, punks, or criminals. We are the voice. Do not shut us out.//PhantomWriter



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