To Serve & Protect



Mitmachen und die Netzneutralität erhalten


The power of false remembering

“There is nobody as green as the dead”//B.Sterling


Web 3.0, is that computers will be able to understand the content and the information they contain.

“This is a round-robin writing experiment. No two chapters are written by the same person, and no participant is aloud to change any of the previous entries.”//cyberpunkseniorthesis

Posen treten in der Kultur des Daten-Nutzens statt Objekte-Sammelns in den Hintergrund.//beatpunk


Why is Spotify not available in my country?

****Back when I was a boy in the 1960s it was said by the “experts” that technology would shrink the work week and give us all a wonderful world to live in. Those people were not stupid!*****//kurzweilAI

Is Labor Day only for Humans?

Pareto’s Principle – The 80-20 Rule


Frontiers in Neuroscience Journal


“In the U.S., Google has reached a settlement with the publishers which will allow it to scan and post online all out-of-copyright and out-of-print books, for which owners are hard to identify. Due to complex copyright rules, the U.S settlement will only apply to users in that country. Copyright is now a barrier to a commercial and academic activity,”…”It’s a step in the right direction, [but] it’s not enough for our members to sleep peacefully,” said Jessica Saenger of the German booksellers association…Orphan works and out-of-print works represent around 90% of European libraries’ collections…//wsj


“Leute, schmiedet neue Moleküle! Lasst die digitalen Bunsenbrenner glühen.”//P.Glaser



Mindestens drei “Wahrheiten” werden so transportiert, die der Bundeswehr, der NATO und der Taliban.


“The July rise was led by a 17.2 percent increase in domestic orders for investment goods. A spokesman for the Federal Statistics Office said this was in part thanks to a big order for military vehicles in July. On July 6, Germany’s Rheinmetall announced it had clinched a 3.1 billion euro ($4.35 billion) contract to supply the German army with 405 Puma”//reuters@forbes


“Qualitativ zu unterscheiden ist nicht zwischen bezahltem und unbezahltem, sondern zwischen gutem und schlechtem Journalismus.”//golem

China: Staatliche Astronomen filmten UFO während der Sonnenfinsternis


Yes, life is mysterious sometimes.//GuyKawasaki


human being

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