The present is the time of struggle. The future is ours.


“These robots seem to demonstrate the way in which we believed robots would evolve; as domestic servants, meant to cater to our needs through very literal, real-world applications.”//paleofuture

“This imposed modern universal slavery will implode one day soon, because of the deteriorating pressure of the last threshold.”//interactivist


“The future, or rather futures, become an arena of action: a place where we can create new alternatives and options; attempt to widen human choices; rethink political, social and cultural ends; and contain and transcend the social pathologies that have divided humanity. The next time you see a forecast or prediction, ignore it. Instead, go out and change the future.”//Ziauddin Sardar‘//New Statesman


“The daily challenge of subsistence orders the participants’ lives, but within that context they’re free to determine their own destinies. Should they follow the map or take a shortcut? … It’s all up to them. And thus what arose from doomsday angst begins to take on utopian tones. …. The desire to escape the grid has been with us even when there wasn’t much of a grid to get away from.”//reason



Geil -> blog from the future…dive in!!!

“Every eleven years, solar activity reaches a maximum. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections are more common during the Solar Max. When the Sun aims toward Earth and shoots off a billion tons of charged particles moving at a million miles an hour, all Hell can break loose. That’s what happened. That’s why I’ve been offline. Down and out in a high-tech world without power and communications. We weren’t prepared and we paid the price”.//arcology-blog


“No one’s heard a single word I’ve said
they don’t sound as good outside my head”

–Nine Inch Nails
posted by John Shirley on 7/25/09


human being

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