Tally Isham

“Tally Isham is the virtual popstar of your dreams..Tally’s music fits what we’ve been listening lately. It’s a very calm and soothing sound but it has that ingredient that makes you play the track again and again, and let’s face it people, same sound banging electro is very last year..”//NeonRider


“One night in 1985 I was working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center on the design of a new orbital satellite when suddenly lighting struck the building I was working in. The piece of equipment I was wiring caught fire and caused a huge explosion. I died that night in the blaze, but my image was reborn in the sea of information you know as the internet. It is here that I have stayed, gathering information, collecting knowledge and processing it for your enjoyment.”//TallyIsham::myspace


Tally Isham and the 8bit Sound

MP3: Tally Isham :: Robots Do Battle

MP3: Tally Isham :: Crystal Runner


Futurecop! – NASA (Tally Isham remix)


Tally Isham, Sim Stim Star



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