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“The BSI-Toyota Collaboration Center (BTCC) is working on a wheelchair that can be navigated in real-time with brain waves. Users simply think of the direction they want to go in and the wheelchair does the rest.”//sentient developments

Ep04 - Neuromancer

“Cloned dog arrives in South Florida, with free licks for all
Their VIP – very important puppy – arrived in Miami on January 26th. “He’s beyond beautiful,” cooed Nina Otto. And he looks just like his namesake.”//BioArtsInternational


“Scientists are developing an electronic ‘sex chip’ that works by stimulating the pleasure centres in the brain. The technology, which creates tiny shocks deep in the brain, has already been used in America to treat Parkinson’s disease.”//dailymail


“Every class will contribute a portion of drop-outs, deviants and dissidents. Some will rebel from principle, some from pathology, some from both. And their rebellion is functional as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. The Deltas, the recal citrants and unassimilables, furnish work for the Betas and tabloid-type entertainment for the Gammas. In an ever more boring, predictable world, crazies and criminals will provide the zest, the risk, the mystery which the consciousness industry isincreasingly inadequate to simulate. VR, morphing, computer graphics — all very impressive, for a while, but there’s nothing like a whiff of fear, the scent of real blood, like the spectacles nobody did better than the Romans and the Aztecs. The show they called “America’s Most Wanted” — that’s a double entrendre. Societies don’t necessarily get, as some say, the criminals they deserve, but rather they get the criminals they want.”//BOB Black

“”Interactivity” can change the way one experiences art, and it can also change the type of art. The function of interactivity alters the viewer’s position to that of a participant who drives the experience of art. The viewer will become an active participant, and the artist a server, a creator of an interactive system.…like a digital networking system. A system is not a static object, it is a dynamic system reacting to the participant depending on the way the artist created it. “//(Masaki Fujihata)


“Postcyberpunk uses the same immersive world-building technique, but features different characters, settings, and, most importantly, makes fundamentally different assumptions about the future. Far from being alienated loners, postcyberpunk characters are frequently integral members of society (i.e., they have jobs). They live in futures that are not necessarily dystopic (indeed, they are often suffused with an optimism that ranges from cautious to exuberant), but their everyday lives are still impacted by rapid technological change and an omnipresent computerized infrastructure.”//Lawrence Person::Notes toward a PCP Manifesto


human being

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