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audi sharkthe-surrogates-2Grundeinkommen

“Brot für die Welt unterstützt ein innovatives Projekt in Namibia. In einem kleinen verarmten Dorf in der Nähe der namibischen Hauptstadt Windhoek wurde zum 1. Januar 2008 ein zweijähriges Projekt gestartet. Die 920 Einwohner des Dorfes Otjivero erhalten umgerechnet etwa 8,50 Euro pro Monat als bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen. Das Projekt wird von der Evangelischen Lutherischen Kirche der Republik Namibia (ELCRN) koordiniert. Nun wurde von Brot für die Welt ein Zwischenbericht veröffentlicht.”//wikinews


“RIAA’s Hostile Takeover of the Internet

The apparent strategy:

1. Outlaw file sharing
2. Outlaw personal encryption and anonymization services
3. Set up a global, privately-run Internet surveillance program to spy on everybody all the time without a warrant — run by ISPs and paid for by the taxpayers
4. And finally, get the authority to block anyone from the Internet entirely, without the involvement of police, courts or any verifiable trail of evidence

We can not let this happen.”//torrentfreak



Whuffie is how much esteem people hold you in. Currency is a really rough approximation of Whuffie.”//sfgate

“… Whuffie recaptured the true essence of money: in the old days, if you were broke but respected, you wouldn’t starve; contrariwise, if you were rich and hated, no sum could buy you security and peace. By measuring the thing that money really represented—your personal capital with your friends and neighbors—you more accurately gauged your success.//olsr

“Whuffie, in Down & Out In The Magic Kingdom, is generated by some ubiquitous organization which downloads data from your brain and averages it.Whuffie is PageRank. There’s nothing more to it than that. ” //GilesBowkett

“I’ve loved this concept because it would form the foundation for finally realizing what it is that makes all the donors to all our respective nonprofits tick. People donate because they care, they don’t necessarily want recognition but we all know that there’s a real need to at least be acknowledged somehow. Hence, all our fellow fundraisers in the nonprofit world obsess about Hall of Fame plaques, “donor circles”, etc. Words like “patron”, “benefactor” or “friend” can mean all the difference as to who gets the most respect and who doesn’t. It certainly means who gets to use the VIP lounge at a special event and who doesn’t.”//nptb

“People see the huge business potential of the online world and the first impulse is: let’s throw a bunch of money at it. To which Tara Hunt says: “Stop! Money isn’t the capital of choice in online communities, it is Whuffie – social capital – and how to raise it is the heart of this book.””//thewhuffiefactor

““The book that catches the crest of Web 2.0 and shows how any business can harness its power …” If I were browsing books at a bookstore, that would probably be enough for me to put the book right back on the shelf, assuming I would have taken it off the shelf in the first place.

However, Tara Hunt sent a message out on Twitter asking for people to review the book, and because Tara has incredible whuffie and knows how to use it, I agreed to review the book and I’m glad I did.”//orientlounge


“Hunt’s central thesis is that participating in community and gaining social capital is the fastest, most reliable way to attain success for products, services, causes and movements than advertising and marketing are, and she sets out to re-educate executives and marketing people who haven’t cottoned on to this. There’s something of a holy mission in explaining the networked, twenty-first century reality to successful but out-dated people, if only so that execs get enough religion to give excited junior people rein to do experimental and exciting things online.”//boingboing

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