Take over the world one vagina at a time?


“If a chick likes blowing the heads off of invading CGI troops or playing heavy strategy games, she’s going to be into the stuff that’s already out there. If she doesn’t, no amount of bunnies and hearts is going to change that fact.”//dasGamer

stoyaavn08a dsc000621

She beams with energy at every exchange and inquest, with every word. You wonder. You ask question upon question. You want to know more. And she tells you. Without hesitation. Everything on her mind. Forcefully. Streaming. Louder than you expect. More dynamic. Inflected. Strong. Kinetic.”//PCP

stoyaroof philth stoyaatomictease_3595

Sie spricht und Sie hören.. Sie ist begeistert.. Smiling. Sie erzählt Ihnen mehr und mehr. Details. Stories. Meinungen. Troubles. Offen. Aber dann gibt es eine Änderung. Sie wird wütend.. Plötzlich.. Dann seltsam bewacht. Sie wird neugierig. . Auf dem Weg zu Ihnen.. Sie wird verrückt. . Und wieder verrückt. . Beleidigt durch Ihre Unwissenheit. . Durch Ihre mangelnde Einsicht. Oder etwas anderes? Was Sie nicht sehen können? . Sie wird abgelenkt.”//philadelphiaCitypaper/(thru google-trans)

stoyaapnea stoyacover image37

“I think blogging and such allows people to see much more of my personality than they would be able to in a scripted adult video set up, sex scene, and two minutes of bits”//ariwriter

“The new(ish) William Gibson novel “Spook Country” was pretty awesome, I found it interesting that unlike his early work he was able to reference actual technology in this novel. iPods and airport networks, etc. in addition to the insanely futuristic technologies the story was actually based around. I read a couple of young-woman-writing-about-sexual-experiences books and was rather disappointed with their tone of apology for embracing or exploring their own sexuality so won’t mention the titles.”//Xcritic

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[link is, surprisingly, work-safe]


Video: This Empty Love



“Oh my God! I need to stay away from techno night with people I should not be having sex with.”


human being

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One comment on “Take over the world one vagina at a time?
  1. fanstoya says:

    Stoya is the best. I really in love. I am forever a devoted fan.

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