“Any chaos over this crisis will not be tolerated.” “Any trying to provoke trouble by taking advantage of the situation will be dealt with strictly,”



A global crisis of unpredictable consequences is raising the specter of a vast regressive pattern in the process of world politics. The intense perception of an imminent threat to vital interests, induced by the events of September 2001 and the wars in central Asia and the Persian Gulf, have generated a series of policy decisions which amount to the declaration and enactment of a global state of war. Construed as an open-ended situation, the crisis is bound to have severe implications for purposes of the conditions of world order.//Lovelace, L.


“The global economic crisis and the threat of terrorism have combined to deliver a rude awakening to India’s dream of continued peace and prosperity after successive years of sustained growth. …..”India is already suffering from the slowdown of the global economy,” said Richard Heald, vice-chairman of Rothschild India….”The design was to disturb communal harmony and secular society in India,”//newsX


“These arguments have some merit and point out we have a lot more to fear from unscrupulous profiteers than from terrorists when it comes to the safety..”//PMN


“”In all our lands,” said the President, “there is a surging confidence that steady economic growth can be a reality—that the good things of life can be made available in a growing stream to all our peoples.” But to achieve this aim, nations must foster stability as well as growth, …Payments for “productive efforts of all sorts,” i.e., profits as well as wages, should rise in step with productivity, not outrun it…. Federal Reserve Chairman William McChesney Martin warned that nations yielding to inflation “will not have a higher standard of living but a lower one.” …In effect, Blough was restating Dwight Eisenhower’s theme: in a free economy, the Government cannot defeat inflation without help from business and labor. And help is urgently needed”//the world’s crisis//time1957


“The Effective, capable and participative citizen – the citizen of the 21st century:

  • Is respectful and sensitive to human pride and human rights, and objects to actions that are incompatible with human pride, such as torture;
  • Has confidence in the civil state and the superiority of law, and stands up against unfair actions;
  • Knows his or her rights and freedoms and the ways to use and protect them;
  • Is conscious and responsible of being a citizen and has the power to act;
  • Has social responsibility;
  • Makes decisions in a rational manner about his or her position as a citizen;
  • Knows how to think critically, to behave responsibly, to solve problems and conflicts without violence, who knows the basic principles and processes of human rights (and the related international documents), knows how to get organized with a cooperative effort, knows how to decide with the group, knows the ways to act to protect and using his or her rights, knows how to communicate in a healthy manner (expressing oneself, listening, using non-verbal communication and “reading”, etc.);
  • Is against violence and supports peace;
  • Has assimilated concepts of justice, freedom, peace, equality, and fairness;
  • Has outgrown prejudice;
  • Is sensitive to environmental problems;
  • Can stand against unjust laws;
  • Has developed skills for positive inter-personal relations, producing ideas and researching. “//UMUT




“Lewis said he changed his mind about ending the deal after Paulson indicated that Bank of America’s “board and management would be replaced” if the deal were terminated. “I was instructed that ‘We do not want a public disclosure,'” according to testimony by Lewis revealed by Cuomo.”  .//economictimes


“Disruption, uncertainty, confusion, chaos, alarm, panic, desperation, distress, depression, disorder, apprehension, anxiety and helplessness ….“terrorists have in fact attacked stock markets and banks, especially in southeast Asia….for the panic and disruption that caused is a terrorist’s dream.//11alive .


“Few of us willingly change our old perspectives for brand new ones, only the young, the desperate, and the eccentric, eagerly embrace change, but change often forces itself on us, however reluctantly we greet it.  We are now at the turning point, when the old order is failing, when supplies of oil and gas will be in increasingly short supply, when the political power of the United States, which has exercised effective global hegemony since 1945, is slowly diminishing, as economic power moves to China and India, and when the developments which were only a few years ago merely matters of wonder and surprise, the Internet, super-broad band, ubiquitous computing, global supply-chains, become the way in which we normally conduct our lives.”//world in crisis


“We believe open innovation will fuel the intellectual entrepreneurship and novel collaborations across institutions and geographies needed to develop solutions to some of the world’s most critical healthcare challenges and to directly address patient needs in both developed and emerging economies. In turn, these solutions will provide the economic entrepreneurship that will help spur recovery and, when combined with health diplomacy, will ensure that innovation delivers solutions for generations to come.”//bostonglobe


“One key to success is learning how to handle challenges that will inevitably come up. This lens discusses some strategies to employ in order to empower yourself to face the crisis head-on, so you can continue to move forward to achieve your goals.”//LaneReiss



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