“You’ve got to keep the information away from the public or everything will collapse.”


“If we look at all the fashionable concerns of environmentalists today — balanced ecosystems, recycling of waste products, appropriate lifestyles, indigenous technology — we find that the people of the Third World already have it all. (Correa,1989)”//gardenvisit

Banken wird Schönrechnerei erlaubt//FTD

“The G20 meeting on 2 April, billed as the London Summit 2009 because of its inclusion of non-G20 players, captured positive media attention despite failing to set out a vision for transformative economic change, and pumping more money into the IMF and World Bank without a clear plan for reforming them.”//brettonwoodsproject

“The US Federal Reserve, for instance, increased the stock of the monetary base — which includes banks’ demand deposits held with the Fed, plus coins and notes in circulation — from $870.9 billion in August 2008 to $1735.3 billion in January 2009.”//mises

“The US will do much better if it lets emerging markets and developing countries have a serious and permanent place at the big table.

Among other things, this will fundamentally change the way the IMF operates.  As a symbol and for its potential impact on the international economy moving forward, yesterday’s final loss of European control over the IMF really matters.”//baselinescenario

“Since its inception, the purpose of the program has been to use electricity as a means of creating opportunities for improving agricultural production and enhancing socio-economic development in rural areas, whereby there would be improvements in the standard of living and quality of life for the rural people………Enormous changes have occurred in areas all across rural Bangladesh due to people having access to electricity. The magnitude of changes and the impact of the RE Program is vast and diversified and information documenting these have become more acute in recent years.”//REB

“The central topic in XAT is money, and though we dislike the fact that money has become a measure of value for almost everything these days, we recognise its benefits, and realise that it is the way we use and perceive our money, and not its actual existence which is the cause of our problems.”//XAT


“Therefore, prophecy is a great tool. It is a guide that helps us to steer conscientiously into the unknown territory ahead, especially after visionaries give us a glimpse of the highest probability futures given our current actions. Many misunderstand this tool and assume that prediction is unchangeable. Powerful individuals, who strive to manipulate mass perception for power and personal gain, create a climate of fear extorting this precise ignorance. Therefore, prophecy can empower or it can make powerless those who ignore or are ignorant to its rightful and proper use.”//examiner

“Denn: ohne Nutzung gibt es keinen Nutzen. Enduser, die nicht wissen, wie die neue Lösung optimal genutzt wird, setzen die Investition nicht sinnvoll um.”//computerwelt.at

“The twinned effect of a shrinking global economy — and a dawning realization that a future of climate chaos is real — would contribute to a mass psychology of fear, which represents a fundamental threat to human kindness, the most important tool we have for maintaining a social fabric.”//HUPO

Intelligent Energy Europe


“Inspired leadership can offer great visions, but behind such vision must stand the consciousness of our collective consent for real progress to actualize. Barack Obama’s popularity in other nations makes him a focal point. People around the globe are placing great hope and faith in this one man to lead the way to a better world, yet Obama is the instrument of the collective will. It is that will that unleashes change and transformation, and calls forth action for the benefit the many or allows a self-chosen few to profiteer. This means that every individual plays an important role in driving this movement forward through conscious choice. Waiting for change to happen without taking action now in one’s own life, family and community is a dangerous idleness that is as life diminishing as apathy or fear of change.”//examiner


“A sages page

Sets the stage

For others to inquire.”


human being

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