Cyborg Mann & Eyeborg Spence


“Formerly known as the Humanistic Intelligence Lab, the EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab specializes in the areas of personal imaging, mediated reality and wearable computing.”

Steve Mann’s “Cyborg Seeks Community”


“Shooting Back is a protest against the ubiquitous “security” camera, and an exploration of the privacy issues of wearable cameras versus surveillance cameras. The concept is simple: a person armed with a portable (more recently, wearable) video camera enters an area in which she is monitored – against her will – by a business or other institution.”//zdnet

“For example, Mann has created performance art by shooting video in stores that prohibit it, using handheld cameras more noticeable than the “EyeTap” ocular computing system he normally wears. When employees tell him filming is not allowed, Mann points to the stores’ own surveillance cameras behind darkened domes in the ceiling.

Then he tells the employees that “HIS manager” makes him film public places for HIS security — how does he know, he tells them, that the fire exits aren’t chained shut? — and that they’ll have to talk to HIS manager.

His behavior in such showdowns generally provokes hostility, confusion or resigned shrugs.”//

“In his book, Mann explains that he was engaging in sousveillance: a term he has coined to describe the practice (or perhaps defence) of observing the official observer — “watching the watcher” — and thus inverting the surveillance relationship. Mann describes the overall situation in which both he and the system surveyed each other simultaneously as coteveillance (from the French a cote, or beside) — a dynamic somewhat akin to what happens in a small town or household, wherein everyone watches everyone else (or “shoots sideways”), and social protocols are established via a form of consensus.200px-sousveillance-necklace“//horizonzero

“While some describe him as the founder of the field of wearable computing based on his early work in personal imaging, there is controversy surrounding the exact definition of wearable computing, and whether any one person can be considered to have invented it.”wiki

“He is considered by many to the inventor of WearComp (wearable computer and WearCam (eyetap camera and reality mediator), and was the first to keep a web log of his visual experiences (thus inventing the CyborgLog, also known as “glog’). He is also inventor of the Chirplet Transform, a new mathematical framework for signal processing, and of Comparametric Equations, a new mathematical framework for computer mediated reality.”//McMaster

“Dr. Mann fights technology with technology, wearing computers on his body and cameras in his glasses so he can ”shoot back” by recording everything he sees. The billboards and advertisements posted on every public surface are a form of ”attention theft,” he says, so he has invented technology that replaces these messages with whatever he would like to see. When he is wearing his ”eyetap” glasses, which project an image onto the retina of his eye, a condom ad in a bathroom becomes a picture of a waterfall.”//NYT


Xybernaut Corporation, which was founded in 1990, is a leader in the research and development, manufacture and marketing of mobile and wearable computing systems. Xybernaut’s pioneering technology can free users from the constraints of geography and site-specific working limitations to enhance productivity and improve product management, asset management, and the accuracy, timeliness, and utilization of critical enterprise data.


Join the Glogger Community: Continous Capture from Wearable Camera Phones. Also a photosharing/glogging site. Register for free and join the fun.


“By retrofitting my prosthetic eye into a wireless and web connected video camera, I become a symbolic ‘Little Brother’ media virus who goes on a cybernetic journey literally from my point of view,” he says on his website.///thespec

Rob Spence : “I am a filmmaker who lost an eye so naturally I decided to modify my prosthetic eye into a video camera. I am ~not~ a lifecaster. I will use the eye-cam the same way I use a video camera now – or the same way any filmmaker would use a camera enabled cell phone.




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3 comments on “Cyborg Mann & Eyeborg Spence
  1. Chris says:

    …ich verfolge das eine Projekt da auch schon was länger; der Einaugen Typ da.

    Was ich nich kapiere…. Wie will der den die Cam im Auge nutzen? Mitn nerven?

  2. nexuslex says:

    das wird noch etwas dauern, bis die ans ZNS angeschlossen wird… erstmal wifi stream also, handycam, nur aufwändiger. ashton kütcher fand es so cüül das er sich ein Auge zu verlieren wünschte, für sein punk ‘d …sympathisch war der mir auch zuvor nicht, soll er machen..

  3. doctorheils says:


    Ich lass mir ein Ohr abnehmen damit ich geiler hören kann.

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