“We have met the enemy,” Pogo said, “and he is us.”


“Pessimism is a luxury of good times. In difficult times, pessimism is a
self-fulfilling, self-inflicted death sentence.”//magicalnihilism

“”The Depression ended on the day the war began, but it did not become apparent to most of us for some time,” says the author…..”

“The General Motors Corporation was no longer a local concern managed by local men with a kindly regard for the workers. The men at Fisher body knew this. They’d seen it long before the rest of us did and their strike was against an impersonal entity, cold and hard.”//oftwominds

“”A lack of vision has held us back,” said Nicholas Hood III, another mayoral candidate. “The auto industry was so dominant—too dominant—and we never prodded ourselves and the business community to a more expansive vision.””//chicagotribune

“Focusing on the greed of bankers had made people lose sight of the fact that “governments committed to deregulation and to the encouragement of speculation and high personal borrowing were elected repeatedly in Britain and the United States for a crucial couple of decades”…”Learning how to use governmental antitrust legislation to break up the virtually monopolistic powers of large multinationals that have become cuckoos in the nest of a national economy would also be an essential part of a strategy designed to stop the slide from opportunistic outsourcing towards protectionism and monitoring or policing the chaotic flow of capital across boundaries,” he said..He called for a “return to the primitive capitalist idea” of risk-sharing. He also demanded that environmental costs should be factored into all future economic calculations.”//theguardian

“”According to the Treasury Department report, released on Dec. 10, the federal government expects to pay $449,070,000.00 in interest on Treasury debt securities for FY 2009.The Health and Human Services budget, which includes Medicare and Medicaid, will cost $739,241,000.00 for the fiscal year; Social Security Administration, $699,976,000.00; and the Defense Department-Military budget, $656,722,000.00.”

Thus a return to 7% interest rates would in effect double the interest paid annually to nearly $1 trillion per year.

Think of that $11 trillion in debt as a mortgage which resets to higher interest rates as the “owner” keeps adding debt.”//oftwominds

“And I do not think that there is any corporate in the world that can actually bring meaningful social change. Social change must come from the people. When you’re talking about the Green Revolution, this is profit-driven. Because the corporations have their own researchers, they have their own things that they want to make profit from.”//SOTT

“Deutsche mutieren im mom zu Weltschmerz und Wirtschaftskrisen-Emos. Nervt.”//rtgruhr



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