Try again?

20q::::20Q will spielen, es möchte erfragen, was Du dir vorstellst.


Also ich höre nichts: der unter 25 Jahre Gehörsempfindlichkeitstest.

(na so Zirpen, wenn ich die Boxen hochreguliere…)



Abteilung rein wissenschaftliches Interesse: ein GoogleMapsMU mit dem man die Auswirkungen des Einschlags diverser Flugkörper vor Augen führen lassen kann.


id Software launches free Quake Live browser-based shooting game// via (spon)::::




“Google is the “sacred spirit demon that haunts Mountain View and knows everything.””Google is not a hive mind. It doesn’t even have a being. Plus the users aren’t a community or collective – they aren’t aware of each other’s existence and have no influence on what Google chooses to do with their clicks.””//Bruce Sterling:::io9


“Sterling, the US sci-fi author, who founded the Viridian Design Movement – a type of design focused on high-tech, stylish, and ecologically sound design – states in the last Viridian note that we mustn’t economise. We should instead strive to own things we cherish and use every day. “The everyday object is the monarch of all objects,” he says.”////guardian


advertisment fo free

advertisment fo free

“Kurzweil is a technical person, but his goal is not technical in this respect. Yes, he wants to become a robot. But the robots of his dreams are complex, funny, loving machines.”///wired..proFILE

“Every day, Kurzweil takes hundreds of nutritional supplement pills, and once a week he takes several others intravenously. He is, as he puts it, ”reprogramming my biochemistry” and claims in so doing to have conquered his Type 2 diabetes. More importantly, he insists, he is stretching his natural lifespan until either genetic therapies, microscopic ”nanobots” (hypothetical robots on the scale of single atoms and molecules that Kurzweil believes will be able, among many other things, to take over some of the vital functions of the human body), or simply the ability to download one’s mind onto a computer make immortality a reality.”//BostonGlobe

Singularity “Reveal” Trailer





human being

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One comment on “Try again?
  1. Chris says:

    Ahhh! I love those blue designer-bot-toys.

    Awwweessommmeeee sind die.

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