seamonkey 2.0 zerplatzt mir manchmal noch wie eine Seifenblase…

folgende Textfragmente entstammen einer Webpräsenz, auf die ich möglicherweise gar nicht verlinken dürfte, weil sie unter anderem vom irakischem Leid und irakischem Widerstand spricht. mein Browser, noch im Teststadium, ist ausgestiegen, und die History bemühe ich später…


“I was only over there for four months but already my body has aged 30 years and my muscle mass is just melting away.”

“The war on terror is civilization’s fight.     And, as in the struggles of the last century, civilized nations are waging this fight together,” Bush told U.S. Air Force graduates on Wednesday. “This is the great challenge of our time, the storm in which we fly,” he said.

Instead of searching for blameworthy “bad apples” as though we are blind children trying to pin the tail on the donkey , why not carefully acknowledge our collective, passive responsibility for systems predicated on threat, force and violence? When money, talent, and resources are poured into military systems and prison systems, while health, education and welfare systems compete for inadequate budget allotments, we can expect constant warfare abroad and the quadrupling of prisoner populations

The US must come to grips with having been, since World War II, (when under the shadow of the mushroom cloud we ushered the world into the nuclear age), a nation constantly at war: Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, the first Gulf War, Kosovo, Colombia, Afghanistan, the ongoing war in Iraq. We’ve waged hot war after hot war, and undergirding all these wars is the continuing war of western culture against the biodiversity of our planet.

El Salvador 2006 In short, El Salvador is a broken country. Murder rates are the highest in the hemisphere. Poverty is institutionalized. The environment is degraded badly. The political climate is polarized. The economy is predatory in its avarice. And the average person is trying to get out.

Globalization has made the world a huge factory with workers from different countries, ethnicities and languages working together for the same corporation. But not the same wages, benefits and protection…

“Injustice must be exposed to the light of human conscience,” said the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “and to the air of national opinion before it can be cured.”

officials who participated in creating units that killed civilians should be prosecuted for murder.[[the death squads]]

Those who are the villains among us do their work 24 hours a day. They are constant in their need to oppress, in their need to cheat, in their need to steal, in their need to rob us of our dignity.

Frankly, I do believe Reagan at that time — as much as Bush today — was indeed possessed by the demons of manifest destiny. Of course, as I say this, I’m quite aware that to the people of say for example, Project for a New American Century, that is counted as a big plus

And so, he lied to the people — as Bush lies to the people today and as they push on, thinking that the United States is above every law, human or divine. “”

“No matter — he is CEO of the Angel Manufacturing Company. And he and his colleagues have deadly work to do.”//huffingtonpost


“It is a portrait of the commander in chief as a willful optimist, proud of his self-confidence and convinced that any expressions of doubt would make him less of a leader: a man addicted to “Big Ideas and small comforts” (like riding his bike), a stubborn, even obstinate politician loath to change course or second-guess himself, and given to valuing loyalty above almost everything else.”///nytimes

“His leadership after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was an inspiration to millions of Americans. His policies, while controversial at times, kept the country safe for more than seven years and liberated more than 50 million people from tyranny.”//thinkprogress


“I don’t think the report is true, but these crises work for those who want to make fights between people.” Kulam Dastagir, 28, a bird seller in Afghanistan//memestreams

Notes From the Underground, The Possessed, The Idiot


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