Confirmed Survivor of Fasching!

“Why cant I get just one screw
Why cant I get just one screw
Believe me I know what to do
But something wont let me make love to you”//lyricsfreak

“In that spirit, Taurus, I urge you to pursue any hunches you might have about forging alliances that could further your dreams.”//freewillastrology

clown fand ich auf einem blog, das auf mich verlinkt, bemerkenswert für mich da ich  daumierquixote an meiner Wand im Bildertausch mit einem Freund für bernard-buffet-head-of-the-clown habe.




Vint Cerf Sees “Darkness” in Cloud Computing and the Web – Privacy Is the Issue//


X-Men Origins: Wolverine




Guy Ben-Ary, Artificial Brain Maker://cracked:::: 9 Real-Life Mad Scientists

“Guy Ben-Ary is an artist and a researcher whose work uses emerging medias and in particular biologically related technologies (tissue culture, tissue engineering, electrophysiology and optics). Ben-Ary is an artist in resident in SymbioticA – The Art & Science Collaborative Research Lab at the University of Western Australia, Perth, WA, since 2000. He specializes in microscopy (light, confocal and EM and SEM), biological & digital imaging, tissue culture and engineering and artistic visualization of biological data. His Main research areas are cybernetics, robotics and the interface of biological material to man made devices. Much of Ben-Ary’s work is inspired and informed by science (physics & biology) and nature. These artworks utilize motion and growth to investigate technological aspects of today’s culture, the overlap of art and science and the re-use of biological materials and technologies. They rely on both our capabilities as well as our inadequacies of perception: how we observe the world for example, and how we are deceived by what we think we see.”///

“MEART is an installation distributed between two (or more) locations in the world. Its “brain” consists of cultured nerve cells that grow and live in a neuro-engineering lab, in Georgia institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (Dr. Steve Potter’s lab). Its “body” is a robotic drawing arm that is capable of producing two-dimensional drawings. The “brain” and the “body” will communicate in real time with each other for the duration of the exhibition.”//fishandchips

“The Living Screen is a new species, a living cinematic apparatus. When we gaze through it, we are engaging with a machine-organism. This work is a research and development project exploring what occurs when we cinematically engage with a living screen. It employs film theory to bring into question ones spectatorship with Bio-Kino.

The screens are alive, transform, react and change over time and eventually die. Therefore, it contort the projected Nano-Movie in as yet – unknown ways, and confront the spectators with issues such as life, death, virtuality and reality.”//biokino

“The Tissue Culture and Art Project (TC&A, initiated in 1996) is an on-going artistic research and development project into the use of tissue technologies as a medium for artistic expression. In the last five years, we have grown tissue sculptures, “semi-living” objects, by culturing cells on artificial scaffolds in bioreactors. Ultimately, the goal of this work is to culture and sustain, for long periods, tissue constructs of varying geometrical complexity and size, and by that creating a new artistic palette.”//converge


Twitter Nation Has Arrived: How Scared Should We Be?///

“Aber der Anfang ist gemacht, das ist schonmal gut. Und ich mag mich ja auch täuschen, das wäre beileibe nicht das erste Mal. Jetzt warte ich noch auf die Erfindung des Tweetback-Spams.”//plasticthinking

The Top 21 Twitter Clients (According To TwitStat)


Digg Pics tracks the activity of images on the site. Images slide in from the left as people Digg and submit them.//digglabs::


SteamPunk Frankenstein


The unknown hackers
Bill and Lynne Jolitz may be the most famous programmers you’ve never heard of….
Linux was actually the second open-source Unix-based operating system for personal computers to be distributed over the Internet. The first was 386BSD, which was put together by an extraordinary couple named Bill and Lynne Jolitz//salon


“Ein kleines Gedankenexperiment. Stell Dir vor, Du würdest hier und heute – ähnlich wie in dem 1899 verfassten Buch “Wenn der Schläfer erwacht” von H.G. Wells – in einen tiefen Schlaf fallen und genau 1000 Jahre später aufwachen. Was würdest Du sehen und erleben? Wie sähen vor allem die Menschen aus, die Dich aufwecken?”//Harald Lesch in Telepolis


“FLEISCHER: We were wrong about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq. […]

HUGHLEY: When you found out that you were wrong, how did that make you feel?

FLEISCHER: You just scratch your head and say, “How could we be wrong?””///multimedium


human being

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