the dystopian became a moderate

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“Forget “growth,” forget “jobs,” forget “financial stability.” What should their [the government’s] realistic new objectives be? Well, here they are: food, shelter, transportation, and security. Their task is to find a way to provide all of these necessities on an emergency basis, in absence of a functioning economy, with commerce at a standstill, with little or no access to imports, and to make them available to a population that is largely penniless.”////globalguerillas


“Some areas of old Europe and Asia have maintained
minimal allotments for the citizenry,
but most cannot afford to,
leaving more than a few cities to collapse into
anarchy and chaos- the populous regressing to feral subsistence.

Lines between corporations and governments are gone.
The rich are left to protect their own interests
using contract security to protect themselves
from the unruly and dangerous masses;”///mental-escher

Gun dealers experiencing shortages of bullets


“The human species has a long history of overcoming tremendous obstacles, often coming out stronger than before. Indeed, some anthropologists argue that human intelligence emerged as the consequence of the last major ice age, a period of enormous environmental stress demanding flexibility, foresight and creativity on the part of the small numbers of early Homo sapiens. Historically, those who have prophesied doom for human civilization have been proven wrong, time and again, by the capacity of our species to both adapt to and transform our conditions.

It is in this context that the Global Extinction Awareness System (GEAS) offers its forecast of the likely extinction of humankind within the next quarter-century.”//superstruct game


“Announcing “2019, A Future Imagined”

. . . a new DVD featurette certain to be of interest to sci-fi fans all over the world.
In “2019, A Future Imagined,” Visual Futurist Syd Mead (Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron) reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future.”//bladezone


“Denn eine fortschrittliche Gesellschaft zeichnet sich nicht dadurch aus, dass man über alles reden kann, sondern dass es Grundsätze gibt, die außerhalb jeglicher Diskussion stehen. Man darf Frauen nicht vergewaltigen, Kinder nicht schlagen, Homosexuelle nicht verfolgen und Menschen nicht mit Tieren gleichsetzen. Sobald ich anfange, solche Selbstverständlichkeiten argumentativ zu begründen, legitimiere ich inhumane Positionen. “//Henryk M. Broder


“Augmented reality adds information and meaning to a real object or place. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not create a simulated reality. Instead, it takes a real object or space and uses technologies to add contextual data to deepen students’ understanding of it. To the extent that instructors can furnish students with a broad context for understanding the real world, students are more likely to comprehend and remember what they are learning. Through exposing students to an experiential, explorative, and authentic model of learning early in their higher education careers, augmented reality may help shift students from passive to active learning modes and thus become more successful learners.”//educause


“Declaring that “information wants to be free” is an ideological stance. A real-world situation where information can’t be anything but free, where digital information cannot be monetized, is bizarre and deeply scary…So 2009 will be a squalid year, a planetary hostage situation surpassing any mere financial crisis, where the invisible hand of the market, a good servant turned a homicidal master, periodically wanders through a miserable set of hand-tied, blindfolded, feebly struggling institutions, corporations, bureaucracies, professions, and academies, and briskly blows one’s brains out for no sane reason.”//BruceSterling/SeedMagazine

Humanoid Robot STRANGER 2009caraptera_debut

“This doesn’t much bother me, though I am concerned about the distress of others. Here in Europe, we employ terms rarely heard across the Atlantic. Translated into English, these terms are “solidarity” and “precarity.” The year 2009 will be about these issues. Their time has come…If you can’t react to the misfortunes of the best people in your society, then, when do you plan to take action? What further excuse do you require to put aside your personal selfishness and learn to think politically?…..Once we recognize precarity as an existential threat for all, we will find the means to deal with it. A guaranteed annual income would be a good start. Shorter work weeks give us the chance to rejoin civil society, to re-establish trust with neighbors turned strangers, to engage in some convivial joie de vivre over healthy, genuine cuisine, instead of ridiculous cardboard-packaged fast food……Still, let us be of good heart. In cold fact, a financial crisis is one of the kindest and mildest sorts of crisis a civilization can have. Compared to typical Italian catastrophes like wars, epidemics, earthquakes, volcanoes, endemic political collapse — a financial crisis is a problem for schoolchildren….Once we stop shaking all over and scolding Americans, we will recognize the tremendous potential this new century offers the people of the world. The sun still shines, the grass still grows, we are still human. If we stopped pretending to be puppets of an invisible hand, we would not fret over the loss of the 20th century’s strings. We might see that life is sweet. — Bruno Argento is an Italian futurist, a cautious optimist, and Bruce Sterling’s twin brother. He lives in Turin, Italy.///seedmagazine

“The Liverpool John Lennon Airport, in Liverpool, U.K., will soon become the world’s first to try a revolutionary piece of technology that will recycle the breath of passengers into biofuel.”//livescience


Petition: Reformvorschläge in der Sozialversicherung – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen vom 10.12.2008

“Der Bundestag möge ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen für jeden Bürger beschließen, finanziert über ein einfacheres Steuermodell: “Alle bestehenden Transferleistungen, Subventionen und Steuern einstellen und als einzige Steuer eine hohe Konsumsteuer einführen.””//

plomlompom BundestagsWebPetitionssystem unter BedingungslosesGrundeinkommenPetition zusammengebrochen: via @handverbrennung


mitgezeichnet habe ich, denke zwar, daß die Höhe an das globale GDP gekoppelt werden sollte, ist sonst irgendwie so euro-zent national sozialistisch….. sollte man vielleicht  global machen oder kriegen das nur die Bürger die wieviele Generationen schon hier sind… krieg ich noch raus , muss jetzt mal malochen gehen… VORWÄRTS!!!!!!!!!


“I’ve covered what I think are basics, based on what I saw work and what I think might work reasonably well here. I assume that a lot of you are thinking that this is all quite far into the future, if in fact it ever gets that bad. You should certainly feel free to think that way. The danger there is that you will miss the opportunity to adapt to the new reality ahead of time, and then you will get trapped. As I see it, there is a choice to be made: you can accept the failure of the system now and change your course accordingly, or you can decide that you must try to stay the course, and then you will probably have to accept your own individual failure later.”//cluborlov

2009 is a fresh, raw, hopeful year…

Optimism is the cure for the downturn/BBC


“Wir sollten endlich anfangen, die Krise als Chance für listenreiche Helden zu betrachten, denn die materiellen Werte werden bleiben.”//Don A.


Themen im Forum : Survival

krym  :::Die letzte Expedition des Retters

<!– –>
Nach einem nuklearen Krieg vegetiert die Menschheit in unterirdischen Bunkern vor sich hin. Doch als eine sonderbare Krankheit die noch verbleibenden Überlebenden dahinrafft, wird eine verzweifelte Expedition in den fernen Osten zur Letzten Hoffnung auf Rettung.//hackermovies


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