You are data! the lifehouse GRID…

kiethmoon2spacecadet“The Who::::Lifehouse:

In the album, pollution is so bad that the populace are forced to wear Lifesuits, suits that could simulate all experiences in a way that no one would have to leave home.

The suits are plugged into a huge mainframe called the Grid, similar to today’s Internet, but which also contains tubes for sleeping gas, food, and entertainment; supposedly, someone could live out tens of thousands of lifetimes in a very short period within the Grid. The Grid is controlled by a man named Jumbo.”///wiki

“The world was completely collapsing and the only experience that anybody ever had was through test tubes. They lived TV programs, in a way. Everything was programmed. The enemies were people who gave us entertainment intravenously, and the heroes were savages who’d kept rock ‘n’ roll as a primitive force and had gone to live with it in the woods.”//MartinJL


“The LHC Computing Grid, launched on October 3, 2008, is a distribution network designed by CERN to handle the massive amounts of data produced by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It incorporates both private fiber optic cable links and existing high-speed portions of the public Internet.

The data stream from the detectors provides approximately 300 GB/s, which is filtered for “interesting events”, resulting in a “raw data” stream of about 300 MB/s. The CERN computer center, considered “Tier 0” of the LHC Computing Grid, has a dedicated 10 Gb/s connection to the counting room.

The project is expected to generate 27 TB of raw data per day, plus 10 TB of “event summary data”, which represents the output of calculations done by the CPU farm at the CERN data center.”//wiki


“Our ability to manage data at this scale is the product of several years of intense testing,” said Ian Bird, leader of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid project. “Today’s result demonstrates the excellent and successful collaboration we have enjoyed with countries all over the world. Without these international partnerships, such an achievement would be impossible.”//physorg

Grid Computing Info Centre (GRID Infoware)

Quantified Self vimeo:channel


The Quantified Self: You Are Your Data//good

“Once the structure of our moods became accessible for visualization, experiments and interventions become possible. The type of experiments or interventions that might be interesting is left as an exercise for the reader.”//kk

The Quantified Self Wiki



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2 comments on “You are data! the lifehouse GRID…
  1. Chris says:

    …mit CERN wirds wohl erst wieder im Spätsommer was…So far… nice WE

  2. nexuslex says:

    mmm… wenn da mal nicht ein kleines Loch am Gold der Schweiz nag, nag ,nagt….

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