Hyperborea and Anunnaki, topic change, climate and speculation


“In the first test of a new radar instrument, scientists have seen through more than a mile of Greenland ice to reveal an image of land that has been hidden for millions of years.”//researchnews

“An abrupt and dramatic climate cooling of 8 degrees Celsius, over a relatively brief period of geological time roughly 14 million years ago, forced the extinction of tundra plants and insects and tranformed the interior of Antarctica into a perpetual deep-freeze from which it has never emerged”.////physorg

“THEY resemble aliens floating in the blackness of space. Ruby red, bright orange and pale blue, these creatures are indeed from another world: a dark, cold sea, void of natural light which lies thousands of metres below the Arctic ice caps.

A historic expedition to Earth’s most inhospitable environment has revealed that the Arctic Ocean, far from being barren, is teeming with diverse and abundant life, including creatures previously unknown”.///the scotsman


“….the plan of some of the leading environmentalists who fight against the so-called “global warming”, including those in the Time magazine, was to erase 90 percent of the GDP of the civilized world..A reduction of the GDP by 90 percent may sound as a bad idea but you will see that there are stronger ideas available on the market..”//motls


“Then, and without presenting any data to justify this number, he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number. He then showed solutions for reducing the world’s population in the form of a slide depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War and famine would not do, he explained. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved.”//anti-oligarch

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”//bombsnotfood


“First of all, I’d like to be honest in confessing to everybody that none of the following hypotheses, to be unrolled under your eyes, has yet been supported by any official historical or circumstantial evidence. Each of these might nevertheless be eventually confirmed, as well as denied whenever some new discovery or fresh approach would happen to match one or another pattern. I can only assert that, throughout the entire stuff hereby, no theory about which I shouldn’t personally be convinced of hasn’t been introduced. My reasons in sketching such an introductory opening come from being indeed persuaded that any reader must not be deceived or led to believe that I might actually “know” more than what I have really written down here. A non-professional, yet informational thirsty reader has the right to become aware of actual, true limitations surrounding the so far accumulated knowledge upon our country’s past.”//xamo


“Another lie is that we are not really responsible for the evil we have done, because “God will save us”. God will forgive us because he sacrificed His Son on some cross somewhere to pay for our sins to avenge God’s wrath. Does a God of Love deliberately allow His Son to be killed as a sacrifice for a lot of very evil people? Of course not! The basic Law of the Cosmos, the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Return states that there is a cause and an effect for all that happens.  Stated in another way the Law of Returns says that you shall reap what you sow. This means that everyone is responsible for their choices and actions. These Satanic cult lies would have us believe otherwise. The Truth is that we all are responsible for our choices between good and evil. We are held responsible for breaking any of the Laws of God Aton and of Creation. There is no one who will “make it right” for us but ourselves. No one is going to “save” us from our sins!  We are held personally responsible for every Cosmic Law we break.”//bellringer

“‘For the Creator, we are like programmed machines, each executing his or her program. After all, the genetic code is the world’s best and most efficient self replication and evolving indestructible program, that has endured 600 million years and counting.

‘The religious ideas each of us has, may be, for all we know, useful illusions that serve the Creator’s purpose for some thing beyond our understanding! These could be even an aberration built into us to prevent us from monopolizing everything and enable humans to have their Achilles heel, if it comes to wiping them off the globe!. Nature is far more cunning and masterful for us to underestimate it.'”//viewzone



“The Phantom Stranger is a character that will appear when someone’s life is at a major crossroad. He is there to offer guidance, but never solid advice. He will pose questions, but never give other characters answers.”//associatedcontent

Resisting Influence
Prepared by Philip Zimbardo and Cindy X. Wang

human being

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