Africa’s first narcostate/?

Guinea Bissau: /african studies

“Defying the global financial crisis, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Guinea have recorded sharp rises in foreign direct investment in recent months. Trouble is, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, most of the increase is drug money.”//globaldashboard


How a Tiny West African Nation Became a Key Smuggling Hub For Colombian Cocaine, and the Price It Is Paying//washington post



“Guinea-Bissau’s attorney general Luis Manuel Cabral claims to have received death threats amid his probe into a new drugs scandal in the West African state… Mr Cabral said high-ranking political figures as well as senior personnel in the military and security forces did not want his investigation to continue. But Guinea-Bissau’s armed forces have refuted allegations of its involvement in the scam.”//afrol

“The international community must act to stop drug cartels from overrunning poor West African nations and turning them into narco-states, the United Nations special representative for the region said on Saturday. Powerful Latin American drug rings are muscling their way into West Africa as a back-door route into Europe.”//alertnet

Guinea-Bissau (GDP – per capita: $600)//CIA

”  Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world, being ranked the 175th out of 177 nations in the U.N. Development Programme’s Human Development Index. The country’s life expectancy is averaged at less than 46 years.”//xinhuanet


“Guinea-Bissau is in no way capable of facing this trans-Atlantic attack,” Costa said, adding he had discussed with local authorities measures to better protect the country’s seas, land and airspace against the drug lords.

But he said local police lacked even the most basic law enforcement equipment and had no forensic capacity, while local courts failed to process charges against suspects and the country had no prisons to house convicted traffickers.”//BLNZ


“The drugs don’t come from Guinea-Bissau and we don’t consume them yet they are telling us we have to patrol our uninhabited islands when we can’t even patrol the areas where our people live,” Gomes said. “How do they expect policemen who are not getting paid to hand in bags of drugs and receive nothing in return? How do they expect civilians to come forward with information when we can offer them no incentives and when people at all levels of society are profiting by facilitating the drug trade?”//worldpress

“UN chief condemns attack on Guinea-Bissau presidential residence”//chinaview


“Costa says: ‘When I went to Guinea-Bissau, the drug wealth was everywhere. From the air, you can see the Spanish hacienda villas, and the obligatory black four-wheel-drives are everywhere, with the obligatory scantily-clad girl, James Bond style.”//guardian

“”Everybody is saying that this is a blessing from God because the government does not have the money to pay people,” says a local journalist in Bissau.”//time

“So much cocaine is moving through Guinea-Bissau that plastic-wrapped bricks of it have washed ashore, where officials said confused villagers tried using the unfamiliar substance to fertilize their crops or paint their walls.”//washingtonpost



Channel 4::Unreported World::Cocaine Country….Google Video


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