“Turn on, boot up, and jack in.”

“I read both magazines regularly before the Internet, and for a while afterwards.”//blabbermouth/


“Leary’s Quantum Psychology theory encourages people to use electronic technology (computers, the Internet, etc) for their personal empowerment. In the 90s Leary updated his old catchphrase ” Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” to “Turn On, Boot Up, Jack In.” Electronic technology would enable us to free ourselves from dogmatic social structures and create our own cyber-realities (cyberspace). More than that, Leary argues that the use of electronic technology has elevated us to a new genetic status. People who grew up using electronic appliances for thinking and communicating would constitute a new species, which Leary calls the New Breed, or the cyberpunks.”//Arno Ruthofer::think for yourself, question authority


“The idea for this Transformational Society arose from a concern for the deteriorating environmental conditions of the global system. Growth of population, capital, resource use, and pollution proceeds on this planet. This is propelled by attempts of governments to solve human future problems, from unemployment and poverty to the need for status and power…Necessary transformations would constitute a revolution, not in the sense of American or French political revolutions, but in the much more profound sense of Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions….To reach sustainability, we must increase the consumption levels of the world’s poor, whilst at the same time reducing humanity’s total ecological footprint. To do so, not only are technological advances needed, but also personal change, and longer planning horizons. There must be greater respect, caring and sharing across political boundaries.”//Manhard Schlifni::Transformational Society



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