Kirgisische Republik entnetzt zwischen Mächten


Infowar: Kirgisistan unter russischem Cyber-Beschuss/derStandard

“Kyrgyzstan, a former member of the Soviet Union, is the latest victim of a cyber assault that appears to originate in Russia.

Distributed denial-of-service attacks that began Jan. 18 have crippled Internet service in the mountainous Central Asian nation of 5.2 million on China’s western border.”//DefenseNews


“The denial-of-service attacks, which began on January 18, disrupted the networks of the two largest Internet Service providers in the country, and could be related to tensions between the current administration and either the Russian government or an opposition party critical of the nation’s policies”//securityfocus


“The reason behind this cyber attack is the silencing of the political opposition in Kyrgyzstan, who strongly oppose the plans of closing the U.S. airbase established at Manas. The base is an important strategic asset for the U.S. military effort in Afghanistan, but the Kyrgyz President, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, plans to shut it down this year.

Russia, who operates the other single airbase in Kyrgyzstan, wants total control of that particular air space and has offered a deal to President Bakiyev in this respect.”//softpedia


Russia Snares New Black Sea Bases/wired


“The U.S. military will not say that they appreciate the work done via crowd sourcing, but individual analysts and intelligence officials have made it known, unofficially, that crowdsourcing is another useful tool that unexpectedly came their way via the Internet.”//strategypage


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