Die Kunst der Fortbewegung

“Feeling crushed by the fall in the financial sector? Worried about your investments? You’re not alone. As Wall Street faced a wipeout this year, some of America’s richest people got sucked into the vortex too, losing millions.”//Forbes

“Wall Street is controlled by a cabal of 10 white men who play poker once a month and decide how to screw the rest of us. I’m one of those members of the Mainstream Media that’s been reprogrammed by the Shadowy Overlords.”//MSNBC

Lakshmi Mittal, who owns some of London’s finest homes including two in Kensington Palace Gardens, has seen the value of the shares he and his family hold crash from £33.24 billion in June this year to £11.82 billion today. Over the last four months he has lost the equivalent of nearly £180 million a day or some £7 million an hour.”//this is london

Russian Billionaires lose $230 billion in stock market//chron

“There are opportunities for investment. It is not all bad. Sometimes Americans need to watch a little less TV…. But there is — there is opportunity in everything. That’s why you need situation awareness, and that’s one of the things that our company does. It provides the kinds of intelligence and insight to provide situational awareness so you can make the best investments.”//Cofer Black

“Working in a competitive, dynamic, and risk intense global marketplace requires a comprehensive understanding of the operating environment and the challenges it presents…Understanding those factors and evaluating risks, be they economic, political, or other, calls for unique capabilities and support not generally found in one entity. “//TotalIntel

Former CIA Officer Robert Richer on Insider Threat


“Pentagon Envisions Spaceship Troopers – Rockets would rush combat teams around the world”

The Pentagon wants to rocket troops through space to hot spots anywhere on the globe within two hours, and planners spent two days last month discussing how to do it, military documents show.//usa today via blackwater


plista ist ein auf Collaborative Filtering (CF) basierendes Empfehlungsnetzwerk. Es bereichert das Surferlebnis indem – basierendem auf individuellen Präferenzen – relevantere Inhalte, Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Werbung empfohlen werden.” 😉  //via siliconwatcher


“Powerful investment bank gives big money to candidate, needed reform requires candidate to cross said investment bank, candidate pussies out and finds way to be gone at the moment of truth, candidate resurfaces later in arms of aforementioned investment bankers. Obama’s absence on oil speculation was eerily reminiscent of his previous decision to change his mind about giving retroactive immunity to telecom companies for spying on Americans. Obama withdrew his pledge to filibuster the immunity bill right around the time the Democrats announced that AT&T would be sponsoring the Democratic convention.”//smirking chimp


Yamakasi – l’art du deplacement

“In 1985, there were only 13 billionaires in the United States. Today there are more than 1,000.”//CNBC


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