Shock and Awe: CRISIS!!!

“That way leads to deeper poverty and it is fundamentally hostile to the well-being of people in the developing countries. Instead, we must make globalization work for the poor people of the world.

Nicholas Stern Former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, The World Bank”

“Globalization has great impact in every country affecting most of its people, especially those poor and disadvantaged. The many social and economic development strategies undertaken by governments are not often people-centred nor with active participation of the people affected. To face the challenges of globalization, economic disparity, massive unemployment and the resulting poverty of the people, we need the partnership of various stakeholders to join hands to combat poverty, inequality, social exclusion and injustice. People and communities in struggle have also developed valuable means of addressing these problems and formed network and alliance for mutual support and empowerment which should be appreciated.”//IACD

“The market is heavily manipulated. The driving force behind the meltdown is speculative trade. The system of  “private regulation” serves the interests of the speculators.

While most individual investors loose when the market falls, the institutional speculator makes money when there is a financial collapse.

In fact, triggering market collapse can be a very profitable undertaking. “//global research

“Since assuming office, the administration has ruthlessly wielded executive power in order to achieve their antidemocratic agenda: from the looting of the economy through “deregulation,” massive deficit spending and tax cuts for their corporate “clients,” to waging a preemptive war of conquest in Iraq, the “unitary executive” has systematically shredded America’s constitutional system of checks and balances.”//global research

“Welcome to World War III – mostly conventional and spiced with a few nuclear mushrooms here and there.

The truly fascinating aspect of this gloomy scenario is that the two leading emerging economic and political powers of the world, China and India, are completely outside the game. For them, there are no interests and no stakes, whether real or imaginary, in a US-Russian war over the South Caucasus.

This is cause for hope. If we can safely live through the transition period as economic and eventually political power shifts from traditional capitals toward Asia, we might avoid a direct clash between major powers and nuclear weapons use. The way economic trends run these days, we only need to be lucky for a few years.”//asia-times

” What is needed is to break the conspiracy of silence, expose the media lies and distortions, confront the criminal nature of the US Administration and of those governments which support it, its war agenda as well as its so-called “Homeland Security agenda” which has already defined the contours of a police State.

Humanity is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US has embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. It is essential to bring the US war project to the forefront of political debate, particularly in North America and Western Europe. Political and military leaders who are opposed to the war must take a firm stance, from within their respective institutions. Citizens must take a stance individually and collectively against war.”//information clearinghouse

“They are, in short, old hands at such financial warfare to increase their power.

Now they must do something similar on a global scale to be able to continue to dominate global finance, the heart of the power of the American Century.

That process of using panics to centralize their private power created an extremely powerful, concentration of financial and economic power in a few private hands, the same hands which created the influential US foreign policy think-tank, the New York Council on Foreign Relations in 1919 to guide the ascent of the American Century, as Time founder Henry Luce called it in a pivotal 1941 essay.”//global research

“I saw the footage of the national guard going door to door and taking guns from people, and everyone without a home hustled into a large central location.”//empowerthyself

“Against the post-conflict backdrop of so many protracted refugee situations, asset-stripping constitutes one of the gravest threats to refugee economic development. Some migration literature has focused on losses from transaction costs for remittances from economic migrants, and some has centered on asset-stripping among, for example, Sudanese refugees at the hands of militias. But little work has been done on the systemic asset-stripping that characterizes even institutionally facilitated repatriations, whereby refugees are parted from the plots they have cultivated and houses they have either built or improved. Indeed, land policy in post-conflict situations has generally attracted little interest.

The asset-stripping process may lead to serious declines in human security and greater vulnerability to shocks.”//mit

“Many of the studies in Globalization and Poverty in fact suggest that globalization has been associated with rising inequality, and that the poor do not always share in the gains from trade.”//NBER

“This collection of policy briefs considers different aspects of the framework presented above. The briefs focus on defining the aspects of globalization relevant for developing countries and exploring both the major forces at work and how policies can be developed to ensure that the process benefits the poor.”//ifpri

. “Conquest no longer requires bullets to occupy a nation nor suppress a people. Conquerers now wield position papers, American dollars or Euros and trade impositions. Surrender agreements come in the form of “conditions” accompanying loans and investments. These dicta result in the stripping away of social programmes, alienation of subsistence farm holdings and displacement of vast numbers. These people, deprived of income, traditions and opportunity have become a new breed. They are the hopeless poor for which no amount of “aid” can provide succour.

As he demonstrates repeatedly, the mechanism is simple. The formation of the IMF gave financiers, chiefly North American, a cudgel to change governments, force farmers and pastoralists to convert to cash crop economies, and reduce or eliminate government services. The initial steps were instituted by the Bretton Woods conferences designed to restore nations devastated by World War II. Private financial institutions imposed conditions on loans granted to recovering countries. “Recovering” countries rapidly expanded into “developing” countries as these institutions recognised the value of cheap labour in them. Accepting “foreign investment” led to indebtedness difficult to repay. Defaulting was unacceptable to both borrower and lender, leading to new rounds of loans. These, however, rarely reached the borrowing nation since the new funds were set against the older debt. “Servicing the debt” meant imposition of stringent conditions, ranging from privatisation of services, amalgamation of small land holdings to produce crops to be purchased cheaply, but sold at inflated prices.”//global research

“And a World Bank report has admitted that “behind the polarisation of domestic consumer prices and world prices is the presence of large trading companies in international commodity markets.”

While farmers earn less, consumers pay more.”//BBC

“Life – and that which is essential to sustain it – cannot be commodified. Real value goes far beyond what can be expressed in monetary terms. Human beings are made in the image of God, and human life finds its full meaning in community. Yet the dominant worldview underlying economic globalization characterizes humans as competitive individuals rather than as community members. By undermining essential spiritual values, globalization has eroded the moral and ethical fabric of society, putting the diversity of cultures at risk and threatening the ecological basis of life, eating at the very heart of sustainable communities.

Justice is the heart of the matter. All people and communities should participate in the economic, social and political decisions that affect them, and the aim of economic life should be to nurture sustainable, just and participatory communities. What is needed is the globalization of solidarity: the affirmation of our common destiny as co-inhabitants of one Earth, for which we all share responsibility and from which everyone should equitably benefit.”JPCwcc


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    How are you?, Give something to help those hungry people in Africa and India,
    I made this blog about that subject:

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