Balls to the wall

“As the Earth’s population continues to mushroom, can ways be found to manage natural resources without causing ecological collapse? The most successful efforts are almost always the result of cooperation between government and industry. But as is true with all government regulation, laws tend to be effective only when they are understood and supported by the people who are affected: both producers and consumers.”//National Geographic

“The human population of Earth reached 1 billion in 1804, 2 billion in 1927, 3 billion in 1959, 4 billion in 1974 and 5 billion in late 1986. Last year on October 12th 1999, the human population of Earth reached 6 billion. In my lifetime the population has doubled from 3 billion in 1959 to the 6,034,213,000 today. This doubling of population which occured over the last 40 years will never come close to happening again.

The exponential growth of human population peaked in 1987. That year 87.01 million more people were added to the Earth. Since 1987, the population has declined on average by 2.1 million less people added per year. In this year of 2000 the population will increase by 60.1 million people. If we maintain this 13 year average of 2.1 million less people added per year, we will peak in population reaching zero population growth in 2029 with 6.90 billion people.

The decline of human population has been even more dramatic over the last 6 years. In 1994 we added 78.5 million more people, this year we will add 60.1 million. This is a decline of 3 million less people added per year. If we maintain this 6 year average of 3 million less people added per year, we will peak in population reaching zero population growth in 2020 with 6.64 billion people.”//overpopulation-may2000

“A species is said to be in overshoot if the resource requirements of its population exceed the carrying capacity of its environment — in other words, its needs exceed the ability of its environment to supply those needs sustainably over the long term. “//planetthoughts

“Then there are the quirky, enigmatic Georgia Guidestones. Erected by mysterious persons for shadowy purposes, these New Age monoliths propose a target human population of just five hundred million, a truly radical decline. That this prescription appears directly above a plug for Esperanto does nothing to help us take it seriously. Yet when we try to imagine a human society that could live sustainably on this planet for countless generations even as its members harness ever more powerful technologies, maybe five hundred million people is enough.”//secular humanism

“To summarize this brief essay, determination of an “optimum” world population size involves social decisions about the life styles to be lived and the distribution of those life styles among individuals in the population.”//dieoff

“So, the population has grown, nearly doubled, since 1970, yet life expectancy has doubled (which also contributes to population growth in the short term) and the population of hungry and poor in the world has dwindled significantly. “//agentsmith2

“Productivity matters more than other statistical measures because it demonstrates we’re doing more with less. That’s why, for example, starvation is a political disaster, not a natural one. There’s literally too much food in the world. There’s also plenty of land left.”//ce399

“You’ve got to be fairly hard-hearted about it. Conservation is not a romantic business. It’s a very practical business, trying to ensure as many different species of wildlife can exist, and which means in some cases controlling some so the others can have a better chance.”//PrincePhillip-corrupt


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10 comments on “Balls to the wall
  1. krkr says:

    Voluntary Human Extinction Movement Sympathisant?

  2. nexuslex says:

    Mit diesen Gedanken ringe ich, befremde mich an ihnen, schmecke ihr Gift,… die Überflüssigen, das sind ja immer die Anderen..
    allem Zynismus trotzend, Leben ist kostbar…
    VHEMS means superstitions

    aber loslassen will das Konzept so einfach nicht…

  3. krkr says:

    and Dhakharas means unsubstantiated beliefs.
    Best to keep away from both.

    wer auch hasst die unnützen schwätzer,
    spotvögel und verwegen trätzer,
    der verhut seinen eigen schaden

    Eläkäämme pitkään ja kuolkaamme pois?

  4. nexuslex says:

    uff, mein finnisch ist nur kitos..

    Mama wirds schon richten, notfalls.

  5. krkr says:

    Eläkäämme pitkään ja kuolkaamme pois = May we live long and die out..

    Wessen Mutter?

  6. nexuslex says:

    na ganz klar..

    deine Mudder..

    also Mutter Erde, wa….
    alles wird gut, und so…

  7. krkr says:

    Bin nur ein Stiefkind Gaias..
    Mir reicht schon, wenn Mutter nach sich selbst sieht..

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