Meltdown, Financial 9/11 respektive Weltwirtschaftsgekrisel oder: Geil, der Ölpreis singt

“Im Chinesischen steht das gleiche Wort für Krise, Gefahr und Chance, wodurch die ganze Tiefe eines Lebensabschnitts, den wir Krise nennen, zum Ausdruck kommt.”//Dahlke

“The Great 2008 Transfer of Wealth – The Final Destruction of The Middle Class

Namely, that all of this is an engineered financial crisis to set up the Federal Reserve in the role of savior…The money movers and “speculators” used greed and hubris by their underling middle managers to float debt. Then the same money movers came out of the blue to call in margins, and debt on shady loans…The financial crisis was manufactured to centralize the US and Global banking and investment structure. This will push out any remaining decentralized competition once and for all.”//Jack Blood

“Beginning in October, the Army plans to station an active unit inside the United States for the first time to serve as an on-call federal response in times of emergency.The paper says the Army unit may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control.”//luminaria

“Russia to receive first electronic tags for prisoners on Oct. 10

The tags, which cannot be removed and are “tamper proof,” could be used as an alternative for prison, to locate offenders in penal colonies with the right to work outside the colony, offenders on house arrest and subject to curfews, and those who could pose a potential threat to society.”//

Financial 9-11?


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3 comments on “Meltdown, Financial 9/11 respektive Weltwirtschaftsgekrisel oder: Geil, der Ölpreis singt
  1. World News says:

    I have too much respect for the idea of God to make it responsible for such an absurd world.GeorgesDuhamelGeorges Duhamel

  2. The difficult I can do today. The impossible will take a little longer.BillieHolidayBillie Holiday

  3. There will one day spring from the brain of science a machine or force so fearful in its potentialities, so absolutely terrifying, that even man, the fighter, who will dare torture and death in order to inflict torture and death, will be appalled, and so abandon war forever.ThomasAlvaEdisonThomas Alva Edison

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