“What this apparently means is that most of us feel we can heed the dictates of our conscience and please the people who control things. In the coming weeks, I think that might be possible for you to do once or twice. But most of the time, I suspect you’ll have to decide between them……You have more power to shape your destiny than you imagine—and now is a perfect time to prove it.”//freewillastrology

“We fear an increasing dependency on large corporations that seek to control global food production and agriculture by means of patents, from milk to bread and from baking grains to energy plants”//moneynotart

“A World Bank commissioned report presented in June 2006 strongly warns against intellectual property rights in agriculture becoming primarily a trade issue instead of a research and development issue aimed at increasing innovation in developing countries. Food security and rural development are cited as areas where the right to breeding is critical and should therefore not be hindered by patents.”//nopatentsonseeds

Machine Gun That Fits in Your Pocket//via geekpress

“Let’s get off that rollercoaster while we can. What we really want is machines that are as unlike humans as possible. We want them to be rational, predictable, fast. And most of all I want them to remember where I left my keys.”//guardian/via robots.net

“Fuller was fond of neologisms. He coined the word “livingry,” as the opposite of “weaponry”—which he called “killingry”—and popularized the term “spaceship earth.”……Fuller insisted that all the world’s problems—from hunger and illiteracy to war—could be solved by technology. “You may . . . want to ask me how we are going to resolve the ever-accelerating dangerous impasse of world-opposed politicians and ideological dogmas,” he observed at one point. “I answer, it will be resolved by the computer.””//newyorker/via futur:plom

“So, before you assume that you must have a four year degree to succeed in this world, check out some of the other options available to you at your local community college.”//progressiveu

“Phyto means Light and Plankton means Floating/Suspended. Scientists at NASA theorize that some 3 1/2 billion years ago, the world was changed forever. The appearance of tiny organisms with the ability to convert sunlight, warmth, water and minerals into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids marked the beginning of life. Phytoplankton, the single-cell plants are the basis of all other life forms on planet earth, they are the ‘vegetation’ of the ocean. Phytoplankton are responsible for making up to 90% of Earth’s oxygen. Phytoplankton are the food utilized by some of the world’s largest and longest living animals and fish. Blue Whales, humpbacks, baleen whales and more all eat plankton and live between 80-150 years while maintaining great strength and endurance and are sexually active until they die.”//planktonstar


human being

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