Das Sirius Rätsel

Freitag war hart. 5 Tage am Stück jeweils 4 Stunden arbeiten! lol. Manchmal bin ich etwas pussy. Aber Subjektivität halt, wa. Also, dieses machmal!..jawoll, jawoll, wenn es nicht klar zusammenarbeitsbegründet ist, geht mir widerstrebsam auf die Nerven. Ich empfinde aufbäumend, wie ein Stier im Zaumzeug, der galoppieren will, über Felder, nicht Furchen..

Einer meiner Kollegen stammt aus Mali. Ich versuche mir vorzustellen, wie sich das anfühlt… Wird Zeit mein Französisch weiter auszubauen….


“Mit der Weltsicht der Dogon verbindet sich ein höchst kompliziertes Konzept der menschlichen Person, die als Mikrokosmos der gesamten Welt gilt und von derselben Lebenskaft bewegt wird wie das Universum. Die Bedeutung der Person ist fest mit der des Wortes verbunden, beide sind fruchtbar und schöpferisch.”//transafrika


“Mali remains poor, very poor, nearly the poorest of countries: it ranks 175th among 177 countries in terms of human development. Though it is the third gold producer in the continent, its per capita GNP is equal to USD 380 whereas the average in sub­Saharan Africa is USD 745. Behind this economic data lies a social reality made up of daily violations of many basic Human Rights, specially in their economic and social dimensions: nearly one­third of the population is underfed, less than one out of two persons has access to drinking water, just one out of five persons can read and write, more than one out of ten babies die before the age of one and life expectancy is 48 years.

What can explain that Malian gold is of such little benefit to the population? First of all, the strong position of the companies gives them an advantage in every aspect: they play up their voluntary programmes in favour of the local communities as per their “corporate social responsibility” (CSR), even though the programmes have very limited, and sometimes perverse results; at the same time, behind the scenes, they obtain exemption from taxes and social obligations so they can draw the highest possible profits from their activity, and sometimes they go as far as violating existing regulations when they consider them to be too binding.”//thepeople´svoice

” In Mali the most important exams come last: the baccalaureate at the end of June. But this year, with secondary-school teachers in their seventh straight month of strikes, the exam risks going unmarked, meaning students may face a blank school year. That is making many of them angry.”//sociolingomali

” The Dogon are famous for their astronomical knowledge taught through oral tradition, dating back thousands of years, referencing the star system, Sirius. Sirius is the dog star. It is linked with the Egyptian goddess Isis. The astronomical information known by the Dogon since that time, was not discovered and verified until the 19th and 20th centuries, making one wonder how the Dogon came by this knowledge. Their oral traditions say it was given to them by the Nommo. The source of their information may date back to the time of the ancient Egyptian priests.”//crystallinks

Music from Mali on last.fm

Couscous de Timbuktu
Origin: Mali
(Sweet Millet Fritters)
Origin: Mali
Spicy Fish and Okra Stew
Origin: Mali
Jollof Rice with Lamb
Origin: Mali
Malian Fish Stew
Origin: Mali
(Chicken in Peanut Sauce)
Origin: Mali
Lemongrass Tea
Origin: Mali
(Sesame-honey Sweet)
Origin: Mali

Mali by the Numbers

Population 11.7 million
Female Life Expectancy 48.5 years
Male Life Expectancy 47.2 years
Percentage of Population Under 15 47%
Under 5 Mortality Rate 219 per 1,000 children
Population Below 1 Dollar a Day 72.3%
GDP per Capita $ 1,300

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