“Agent Buzz”

Insurgents Using Chem Weapons – On Themselves?

BZ is not your typical substance of abuse. It’s a hallucinogenic chemical weapon./

/ BZ or “Agent Buzz” is the military name for 3-quinuclidinyl benzillate, an extremely powerful hallucinogen./

/ Could the guerillas be taking BZ — sometimes called “the ultimate bad trip” – willingly? This seems unlikely: blurred vision, paranoia and hallucinations are not assets in a firefight. “it can be expected that such individuals or groups will subsequently, under the effects of [this chemical agent], inflict great damage and losses on their own forces.”/

/ However, it fell out of favor because its effects were considered to be too unpredictable// “Our delegation has been told by Fallujan leaders that many of the individuals involved with the violence are on some – are on various drugs. It is part of what they’re using to keep them up to engage in this violence at all hours/

David Hambling/defensetech2005


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