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Producing the most dangerous shows on earth

“Consumerism – it makes people unhealthily competitive, noncommunal, uncreative and unhappy. It makes people dissatisfied with who they are, instead giving them impossible ideals and notions of what they could be.”/Zoog/Angelspit/The Dose

RU Sirius in the Web

RU Sirius aka Ken Goffman is probably still best known as co-founder and former Editor-In-Chief of the first popular technoculture magazine, Mondo 2000, in the early 1990s.”//pollinator

“At its core, I think that our version of consumerism is just the pretty vacant response of lots of people passing the time without a clue, in a society where nothing much coheres.”//R.U.Sirius/Reality Sandwich

“Under what circumstances can you envision the world’s population actually welcoming the political leadership of Charles Manson?”//Richard Metzger/disinformation

“We’re facing 25 years of prosperity, freedom, and a better environment for the whole world. You got a problem with that?”//the long boom/wired

“NOSO is a project in which anonymous people are gathered together through the web to go to social spaces and NOT connect.”//rusiriusradio


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