nocturn influx

” Lustiger kleiner Kerl.”//roboternetz

Neat..The Swashbot from crabfu (thx, Mr.Pang)


Robots are Watching You Watch Them//Greg Scheckler


thesixtyone makes music discovery a fun, adventurous experience with persistent reputation and rewards — it’s like a massively-multiplayer game for music junkies who are always on the prowl for new sounds.”//(via lspb): “ seems like the next logical step would be to integrate music in a more cohesive manner with the network itself. Music has always attracted a sort of cult following…”   /// nonmainstream  nice musicsource which puts focus on musicians::::: “Tune into a non-stop stream of popular music uploaded by musicians and chosen by listeners like yourself. Love a song? Click “bump” to move it up or “+add” to create your own playlists.”,,,,,,,, “Each purchase you make via AmazonMP3 supports both the artists and thesixtyone.” // i very much like the intuitive tagradio of the, what is kindofnice with this thingy is the different channels of musical genres


Ausstellungen und Projekte (Auswahl)



Ich sterbe da wo ich geboren wurde. Auf der Straße.//

Wahrnehmung und Realität Folge 1 [ Einleitung ]

/Gabriel Steinbach


human being

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One comment on “nocturn influx
  1. Chris says:

    …den Swashbot hab ich mir letzte Woche mal genauer angesehen: Das beste an dem Teil sind immernoch die Sounds die der macht^^

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